Molly’s Wrecking Ballz

Molly’s Wrecking Ballz

93 Mins
Devil’s Film
DIRECTOR: Barrett Blade
THEMES: Parody, Pop Stars, Lesbian Sex, Strap on Sex, Interracial Sex, Miley Cyrus, Shaved Pussy
STARS: Miley Mae, Serena Ali, Seth Gamble, Gavin Kane, Jay Smooth


This is the inevitable Miley Cyrus parody. I shouldn’t say “the” because there are bound to be more. With the young Miss Cyrus doing her Disney bad girl breakout like no other pop tart before her, the Miley parodies should pile up. Add to that, the solid resemblance that new starlet Miley Mae has to the former child star and we have a Palin/Lisa Ann-like string of bad girl Miley movies to look forward to. For this little adventure, Molly (Miley Mae) has a big night ahead. She is to perform at the MTV Music Awards. Perform she does, with a whole host of celebrities in the filthiest of ways. First up is a pre-show boff with her boyfriend. That’s a nice little scene with well shot sex and good energy. Miley looks enough like Miley to make it hot. The parody appeal gets stronger with the next scene. Caught in the wrong dressing room Miley gets fucked by Beyonce (Serena Ali). This scene is really good. The sex is hot, but Serena’s dirty talk is award nomination worthy. She stays in character and makes things way hotter because of the fantasy appeal. Can’t say enough good things about this one. Next up is a post show fuck with her co-star played by Gavin Kane. Miley works him over really well. She does a lot of the silly Miley faces here. They may be annoying as fuck in real life, but are perfect porn fodder. The finale features Miley fucking Justin in the limo. Fun cramped sex and enough parody appeal to make it another strong scene. I really like Miley Mae even when she isn’t doing her celebrity look alike thing. That made this movie really easy for me to enjoy. If you have Miley fantasies, this is a really great flick. It’s well shot and pretty great even without the parody fantasy appeal. I’m looking forward to more and I’m sure we will get it. It’s time for a party in Miley Mae.

Miley Mae & Gavin Kane

Just before heading off to the MTV Awards for her now infamous performance, Miley and her man Liam discuss their careers. He doesn’t want her to embarrass him. He also expresses his desire that she only do “this” with him as she sucks his cock. With a devilish smile she tells him not to worry and gets right back to swallowing that man meat. The pale young starlet looks good in her little white underwear and enthusiastically works to suck him to full mast. (A bit of a chore to be honest.) He finally rolls her over and gets undressed while she rubs her pussy. His cock slides into her tight hole and she instantly goes into a loud dirty talk routine. He fucks her pretty hard for a while and then lets her get on top. In this position we get a good look at Miley’s cute little ass. She really does look good bouncing on the dick. I could stare at that cute little ass all day. When she flips around and rides him with that shaved pussy we can really see the resemblance between this Miley and the other one. He puts her in spoon and fucks her until he pulls out and cums all over her pussy. Now we know why Miley was so dirty that night. She got round one of loving and needed more.

Miley Mae & Serena Ali

At the awards, Miley settles in backstage. She practices her dance moves for a few seconds and decides to use the rest of her time masturbating. First she rubs her tight white shorts until her pussy juices are soaking them through. Taking off the panties she uses a small glass toy to get in there nice and deep. Things are going along fine until Beyonce (Serena Ali) walks in demanding to know what she’s doing in her dressing room. Apparently Miley said something on Twitter that the diva is unhappy about. Miley explains that B is her idol and is immediately asked to prove it. How you ask? By sucking her big black strap on of course. Serena lets loose on some serious dirty talk. It is in character, dominant and very hot. She must have put some serious thought into this because it’s right on point. For her part Miley takes the insults, drools on the dick and confesses to loving black dick every day. Eager to see if her tongue skills are as good as she seems to advertise with her stupid facial expressions, B leans back and keeps up the talk while her little blonde pop tart makes a meal of that chocolate taco. Serena has her alternate between licking pussy and sucking on her dick. She bends over and has Miley eat her from behind, After all that intense oral action, Serena makes her bounce on that long dildo. Roughing tossing the little blonde onto her back, she pushes one leg back and fucks that shaved pale pussy hard. Serena’s tits look great bouncing on every stroke, but her nonstop dirty talk is the most impressive thing in this movie. Super hot scene with a ton of Parody Fantasy Appeal

Miley May & Gavin Kane

After her performance with Robin Thicke, (Gavin Kane) Miley wants to continue the show. He puts up token resistance, but she has his dick in her mouth in no time. She easily handles his rather small cock, taking it to the root with not a hint of gag reflex. Like she has throughout, Miley Mae gives very sloppy head and certainly looks the part. I like the longer shots in this one that show off Miley in her costume as she orally loves this new dick as if it were the greatest thing she has ever seen. He moves her onto the couch and fucks her in doggy. Now it’s Miley’s time to talk dirty and she is enthusiastic enough if not as creative as Serena was. Watching her back up on his dick will certainly bring back plenty of memories of how perverts everywhere wanted to see her MTV performance progress. She straddles him in cowgirl and works her hot pussy up and down. Nothing blurred about these lines, she is begging for more and loving every stroke. He fucks her on top for a long time until she finally asks him to cum all over her “pretty face.” She drops to her knees, throws up two fingers and sticks out her tongue. Great idea if the camera were in the right position. Instead she blocks her face and we get a half facial. Too bad because this guy shoots a huge load and that iconic (if stupid) expression would make for a great target for such a copious wad. She poses a bit with cum on her face and that’s pretty fantastic.

Miley Mae & Seth Gamble

Miley gets into a limo and finds Justin (Seth Gamble) waiting for her. He is upset she doesn’t follow him on Twitter. So she sucks his dick to make it up to him. (Um hey, you don’t follow me either Miley Mae). Her bright red lips slide up and down on his dick. He holds her nose and orders her around a bit while she dutifully gets her fill of throbbing meat. Once again the hot talk gets funny. “Twerk with your mouth” is a pretty good one. Even in the cramped quarters of the limo she manages to get on top and ride that dick. Nice ass shots here as she does a very good job of working him over. Her little as turns pink from his slaps and they get her into doggy so she can push back harder. In the middle of the fun, she breaks his chain so he just has to fuck her harder to make up for it. He bangs away until he shoots his load all over her little belly. Thus ends a very active night for American’s slut-heart.

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