Rog Blog: 11/6


Rog Blog: November 6th
Weekend Stuff, Corruption & Politics
Weekend Wrap: Another good weekend around the old homestead. I’ve been working on a pair of new interviews. One with Steve Steele ( and the other with Sinn Sage. We did both of them on the same night so they should be pretty good. I’m not sure the people around us in the restaurant appreciated out candid conversation, but we did our best to keep it to a dull roar. When I wasn’t working, I caught a scary little documentary on Militant Islam. Pretty scary stuff. I wonder sometimes why more people in this industry don’t voice concern over this movement. I suppose it isn’t politically expedient to be angry with this “religious right” threat. Then again, maybe they would just leave us alone, yeah? (/sarcasm) I was gone all day Sunday so I missed football. Thankfully Mrs. Rog fired up the TiVo and I got to watch the Charger game late last night. They did everything possible to blow that game, but came out all right. I haven’t seen so many penalties at key times in a long time. It’s pretty safe to say that LT is a freaking beast. What a great second half. That Colt/Pat game was pretty good and I did catch the highlights on the Cowboy/Skins game. What a clusterfuck ending. Oh and T.O. niiiiiiiice catch. Dick head. I also used my time to get caught up with “Heroes.” I love that show. Save the Cheerleader. Save the World. Hell yeah.
Eye Candy: Thought not exactly a cheerleader, Tabitha Stern looks great in a poodle skirt.
Corruption Controversy: I’m right in the middle of reviewing Eli Cross’ new movie “Corruption” and it has already sparked some controversy. Apparently one veteran adult film critic didn’t like the nod towards Catholicism shown in one scene. Since I just reviewed the XXXorcist, I didn’t think this was so bad. It was pretty mild stuff really. Perhaps things get a little dicey later on, but for now it’s just your usual political/religious stuff from porn. That isn’t to say that it’s a bad movie. So far it is pretty well done, just not all that controversial.
Eye Candy: Also not a cheerleader, but Nautica Thorn can save my world any time.
Politics: With the election tomorrow I could write for the rest of the day about issues. Instead I’ll just throw a few topics out and let y’all comment as you see fit.

-Election Question for the Republicans: Since you want my vote, please explain this. Why, with our borders wide open to anyone who wants to walk right in and do pretty much whatever they want, are you still wasting time handcuffing adult product producers with piles of red tape? Isn’t there something better for you to focusing on? And if the answer is no, then please quit now.
-Election Question for the Democrats: Since you want my vote please explain to me why you want reinstate the marriage penalty tax? Why should Mrs. Rog and I pay 2700 MORE in taxes simply because we are married? If we were to simply live together we should pay less in taxes? And while we’re at it, why are taking away the child tax credit Bush gave us? As much as the Republicans aren’t giving us much to vote for, I can’t understand why I should pay close to 4 grand a year when you haven’t come up with a single spending cut to go with it. Anyone care to explain how they can justify this huge fuck up the ass to working folks? (Or am I in that “rich” category they keep harping about?)
– Isn’t it funny how the hate-line factories are already belching out stories about the evil voting machines? It is even funnier to see the same echo-sites remain silent about ACTUAL voter fraud being committed and about the need for ID to prevent such fraud. Why is that I wonder? Because it only matters when it hurts your side? Can’t dare write about the actual problem because it might expose the wrong thing? It’s the poli-cheer 101 playbook folks and it is out in full force with these lame hate-lines about stem cells, voting machines and anything to keep our minds of the lack of a central message.
– To whoever is in charge after tomorrow. What the fuck are you going to do about Iraq? I have heard all week that the Dems want to partition the country into three separate states and get the hell out. Interesting thought, but ummmm, well, isn’t that kind of fucking with things you keep saying we shouldn’t fuck with? And what happens the day we leave? Anyone want to bet that one side goes to war with another within about six minutes? It’s an interesting plan, but as seems to be the order of the day, it crumbles under the obvious (though never asked) follow up questions.
-Finally…VOTE. I don’t care who you vote for or why, just do it. Vote and then start writing your members of Congress right away. Tell them that they have better things to worry about that porn, gay marriage and abortion. Tell them that it is not a good idea to raise taxes on people who work hard for a living BEFORE they cut the spending that they keep telling us is out of control. Write and tell them to start what they finish overseas or to never start it at all. Whatever you do, write…let them know you’re here.

Eye Candy: Every time I look Brandy Talore gets better looking.
The Really Important Voting: Just a little over a week left before the 2006 RRFF polls begin. Make sure to REGISTER HERE before it’s too late. If you have already registered, please send in your nominations for Best Female, Best Newbie, Best Male, Best Director, Best Company, Most Wanted Celebrity and Best DVD. If you have already sent in your nominations, send in more. I don’t want to throw any names into the hat and we still need dozens more to fill the brackets.
Eye Candy: Can’t let the day slip by without a Hot Asian Gallery to enjoy.

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