TS Playground 8

TS Playground 8


195 Mins
Evil Angel
THEMES: TS, Anal Sex, Threesomes, Solo, Jerk Off
STARS: Samantha, Soraya Sucesso XXL, Anna Hickhiman Sabrina Suzuki, Luana Silveira, Daika Dreamz, Camille Adrade,


This is a collection of TS scenes with a great deal of variety. The whole line makes me wonder what audience they are shooting for. There are T-Girls alone, stroking big cocks. These scenes feature lots of body worship and jerk off action. Other scenes feature dudes getting bottomed by T-cock. Still others have girls getting fucked. I guess this covers just about any flavor of TS fantasy you may have. No T-Girl on T-Girl action though. Short of that, you get to sample all kinds of combinations in well shot scenes. If you’re into the genre, this is a quality title, but the appeal is still totally lost on me.

Anna Hickhiman

Cropped blonde Anna Hickman starts out the movie in a body suit that keeps everything tucked away and hidden. Bending over, Anna gives us a bit reveal, whipping out a long hard cock. Even though it’s already hard we get a whole lot of dick play including a double fisted hand job. A purple toy stuffs the ass while the cock continues to get jerked. The ass is a tight enough fit to withstand gravity when Anna turns around and bends over. Kicking it up a notch, Anna strokes all the way off, dribbling a load out onto the floor to close the first scene.

Sabrina Suzuki, Luana Silveira & Alex Victor

Big assed Sabrina Suzuki has on a blue outfit that really accentuates the ass and hips. The dress has a strategic hole for the big TS dick to pop out of at the right time. That is a really thick slab of meat just waiting for a hungry mouth. Enter bio girl Luana Silveira and her guy Alex Victor. I’m not sure what sort of dick her dude is packing, but Luana’s eyes light up the sight of that big she-dick. Sucking both dicks for a while, she seems ready to hog all the meat. Alex decides he would rather suck than be sucked so he joins his girl for a two mouth BJ. Alex knows how to please a she male, licking ass and working in some vigorous reach around action. Not to be outdone, Luana puts both cocks in her mouth at the same time. This earns her a ride on Sabrina’s cock while Alex licks ass and balls like he really loves them. Luana loves that fat TS cock in her pussy and keeps Alex rock hard with her mouth. She pumps her hips and we get to watch her big ass bounce up and down. Alex gets down and pulls she cock from his girl’s pussy and repeatedly sucks it clean. Luana gets bent over and slam fucked by Sabrina’s big cock. Alex is next, getting his ass slammed raw while his girl is right there close for a taste. In the end Luana kneels and gets sprayed down with two big loads of cum. Looks like couple is pretty happy with their TS session.

Camille Adrade

Jazz Duro directed this scene starring Camille Adrade. It begins with a long, slow striptease with a big reveal as the cock finally comes out. It is already hard and just waiting to be stroked. The camera angles show a serious adoration for the dick as Camille strokes. To show off just how stiff it is, Camille smacks the cock on the furniture. That thing is like a friggin rock. Slowly stroking the cock and then spreading cheeks, Camille gives a close up look from head to toe. The whole scene really feels like body and cock worship. I imagine that’s the point, but it’s lost on me I’m afraid. The stroking intensifies to orgasm.


Tall brunette Samantha is up next. Sporting a really big and totally hooked cock, Samantha teases by bouncing it in front of the camera for a long time. Bouncing leads to stroking and full on TS body worship. The close up shots of the throbbing cock will appeal to people who really want a dick in their faces. (Speaking of, it’s almost time for fantasy football again isn’t it Ron Riggins?) The scene ends with a pop all over Samantha’s belly. This one is very specifically targeted and its appeal is lost on me.

Danika Dreamz & Gabriel

Danika joins Gabriel in the look for some heavy groping. Under that little yellow one piece swimsuit is a big TS cock. Gabriel likes having his mouth filled with it. Danika feels the same way about sucking cock and returns the favor with a lot of eye contact. They stay in the pool for some standing doggy. Danika’s ass is open for play and Gabriel takes full advantage. They move inside where Danika rides on Gabriel’s dick. After bouncing for a while, Danika stands up and fucks Gabriel’s face with that big dick. An all purpose slut, Danika rides some more and then does A2M until his dick is cleaned. The action intensifies when Danika pushes Gabriel’s legs over his head and power fucks his ass. Apparently he really likes it because with some help from Danika’s hand, Gabriel shoots all over himself and waits for a second load all over his cock and balls.

Soraya Sucesso XXL

Last up is Soraya Sucesso XXL who is hiding a sizeable slab under that little pink dress. It takes two fists to pump it to full mast. Soraya also does a little asshole winking, showing everyone a tight hole should they want to stick something in there. Lots and lots of self stroking leads to a load dribbled onto the head and hands.

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