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Note:Sometimes I have to hold my nose when I post a press release. Other times I have to bite my tongue.

(Hollywood, Ca) Stephen Baldwin and his new VH1 reality show ‘Brother Baldwin’ catches up with Adult Entertainment Performer/Director Kurt Lockwood for a verbal ousting of ideals!

VH1’s new reality show ‘Brother Baldwin’ starring of The Usual Suspects fame, Stephen Baldwin as a man of heavy religious convictions. Pornstars are at times made to feel humiliated for their career choice, by those of said convictions, not this time! Award Winning XXX Star Kurt Lockwood steps up and out maneuvers Baldwin in a discussion of Lockwood’s profession, Pornography.

Baldwin encountered Lockwood at the Infamous Rainbow on Sunset, where Kurt was enjoying his rock n roll lifestyle, partying with a couple of hot XXX porn babes . A debate ensued and became heated as Kurt didn’t succumb to the customized religious views of Brother Baldwin.

“If you are so interested in spreading the ‘word of God’ why aren’t you in the Sudan building houses or Kenya building hospitals?” Lockwood said calling Baldwin out on his Bible thumping “Why are you here instead on the sunset strip talking to porn stars? Because it’s more glamorous?”

Making point after counterpoint to Baldwin’s arguments led to Stephen getting frustrated and huffing and puffing everytime Kurt gave his argument leading Lockwood to say “Fuck you” to Baldwin and his childish eye-rolling and constant sighing. Kurt killed the conversation when the holder of a Liberal Arts Degree landed this de-mobilizing quote, “Being a false prophet like yourself is way worse in the Bible than ANY screwing around I’m doing. In the Bible, Abraham had over a thousand wives and fucked his wives’ handmaidens, too!”

As Lockwood got up from the table to leave, Baldwin told him that he would pray for his soul and Lockwood responded, “I’ll pray that you recieve more tolerance of other people’s faiths and spirituality.”
So impressed was the Brother Baldwin crew at Kurt’s sharpness and ability justify his Hardcore ways, he was asked to shoot for a second day with the show the very next day in Venice Beach, CA whereas Stephen Baldwin apologized to Lockwood for “using the Lord’s message as a weapon” as Baldwin explained. Lockwood shook his hand and accepted Baldwin’s apology. Baldwin then asked if he and Lockwood could become friends. Lockwood agreed.! The VH1 show is set to air in March of 2007, an episode not to be missed as the rocker stand up for the XXX.

Next up for Kurt is his gig @ the Dragonfly in celebrity central, Hollywood! On November 15th, Lockwood’s Punk Rock band will open up for Dave Navarro at the Xfanz.com Burlesque party.

For more Kurt Lockwood please visit KurtLockwood.com, Myspace.com/KurtLockwood & Youtube.com/user/KurtLockwood

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