Reader Email: Skeeter Thinks I Do Magic?


With apologies beforehand to Old-Bee
If I had a voice, I’d be doing a very, VERY bad Al Pacino from GF III
Every time I think I’m out…they pull me back in.
While I was out tonight someone calling him/herself RamonaJ emailed me about last weeks little tiff, the email about Luke and some other things. I was about to reply when he/she IMs me out of the blue:

Ramona: What about Skeeter Kerkove. Did you know that he called you a “trick” on Adult FYI?

rog: Huh?

Ramona: I gather he doesn’t like you much.

rog: Excuse me, but who are you? What are you talking about?

Ramona: Skeeter Kerkove. You do know him don’t you?

rog: Yes. We’ve met.

Ramona: He says you’re a “trick”

rog: I’m not entirely sure what that means, when or even if he said it.

Ramona: Oh he said it. Let me find the link for you.

rog: It’s really not necessary.


rog: That was conveintely fast.

Ramona: Did you read it? It’s at the bottom. He calls you a trick.

rog: I’ll take a look.

Ramona: I have to go. Hit me later.

rog: sure

OK so let’s forget for a moment that I have no freaking clue who this person is and that it smells like a set up. I did read the article and Skeeter did indeed call me a “trick.” Apparently a “trick” is someone who pays for sex, at least in this context. (It is used at the top of the article.) He also thinks that Jenna will get a good review from me for her scene in his movie and said that I “got into porn to be around young girls.” (Actually I’m quoting Gene there who is perhaps paraphrasing Skeeter.) At any rate, what’s the big deal? This whole conversation seems like an attempt to get something started. I haven’t spoken directly to Skeeter since Erotica LA in 2004 I believe (Have to check the date. It was the same day I interviewed Mark Wood, Cindy Crawford and Gen Padova.) and on that day there wasn’t a cross word between us. He’s sent me a few emails since then, never anything negative, mostly eye candy as I recall and never responded to my requests to interview him. (Because I assume, he is either too busy, couldn’t talk about some of the situations or maybe didn’t want to talk to me.) Before that Skeeter had a few unkind things to say about me, but that’s about it. I believe before I was begging for free sex and now I’m paying for it. Come to think of it, I’m not sure which is the bigger insult? Quick poll. Anyone? Skeeter used to call me up about once a week, but that stopped as well. (Again I would have to check the dates, but whatever year we had the major cheating issues during the fan polls he called me every week to talk about the results and the shit people were doing to fuck up the polls.) As far as I know, any problems between us were buried long ago. Come on, he’s the guy in the very first “Rog Rules” pictures.
So “Ramona” if it’s a response you wanted…here you go. If “trick” means someone who pays for sex, that isn’t me. Anyone who knows me knows that I won’t even pay for lunch, let alone for sex. I’ll happily take it for free though. (Insert rimshot here.) If Skeeter knows different, then I need the reciepts because my tax guys will want those. Not that I see anything wrong with paying for sex, I just haven’t. As for why I got into porn, was I supposed to take that as an insult? (Speaking to Ramona now.) It actually isn’t the reason I got in, but what better reason could there be? I certainly didn’t get into porn journalism for the money, fame, respect, adoration or line of hot young groupies. Though to be honest, I’m “around” the girls in porn for about five days out of the year. Skeeter knows that, which is another reason I think he was just being playful with Jenna since she knows I’ve known her for a while. (Ever since she stood me up at the food court in the mall. Long story that one.) If anyone cares to ask why I got in, hell I’ll answer that question. After last week I should be happy that someone like Skeeter would remember who I am and what I do. Especially with Jenna Haze right there in front of him. I take that as a compliment. I don’t think I would remember my OWN name faced with Jenna’s cute little ass.
Not the response you were looking for Ramona? Sorry. And by the way, how did you get the AIM chat ID that only about 15 people know about?
Hey Skeeter….what’s up man? You don’t call, you don’t write, you don’t even send me eye candy any more. Did you really say what is printed there and what did you mean by it? If that was supposed to be an insult, let’s talk about it. Hell, even if it wasn’t (And that’s the way I’m feeling right now) let’s talk about it. No bad feelings on this end brother so let’s chat. Oh and that latest movie sounds like a winner. It may get a good review with or without Jenna giving me free sex. Drop me a line Skeeter. I’d love to know what you’re doing lately but tried to keep my distance since I know you have had bigger things on your mind.
And as I turn off the computer for the night I have this sinking feeling that someone, somewhere is going to twist this all around and it’s going to be a big freaking mess.

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