Rog Blog: Happy Halloween


Rog Blog: October 31st
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween: I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween. It was a big weekend for industry parties and as usual, I went to none of them. No shock there. I’m busy as can be with a whole lot of site stuff. That whole party thing just isn’t me anyway. I do remember one Halloween party that I went to years ago with a couple of friends. It was man years ago that Eric Allen and the guy who we have come to know as Monstar took me to some big Halloween party. Eric was friends with Olivia at the time and we spent about 90 minutes sitting in her living room while the girls got ready. I don’t remember what Olivia ended up wearing, but her friend Dallas D’Amour went as Wonder Woman and I know I’ll never forget that. We’ve all come a long way since then.
Eye Candy: My review of Twistys is coming later today, but here is some Sandee Westgate Eye Candy if you just can’t wait.
The Green Minus Red Make Us Blue: I’ve been a basketball fan since I was eight and a Celtic fan since the summer of 1981 when I watched Cornbread Maxwell and the C’s take down the Rockets. Needless to say I was very sad to hear that Red Auerbach passed away. This isn’t a sports site and the boys at ESPN have handled the memorial pieces really well, but I have to put a few thoughts down. Anyone who loves or has ever loved basketball has to love Red. Even if you hate Red, you have to love him. Nine titles, including eight in a row, drafted the first black player, fielded the first all-black starting five, hired the first black head coach, created the fast break, the sixth man and was bright enough (Though who wouldn’t be?) to turn Bill Russell loose to become perhaps the most dominant player the league has ever seen. (Rings don’t lie.) Red is part of the Celtic lore and the entire C nation mourns today as our beloved grandfather figure moves to the world beyond. I’ve never smoked a cigarette or a cigar in my life, but on the night the Celtics win title number 17 I am going to light one up in honor of Red. You will be missed by Celtic Nation, NBA fan and the generations of people who have enjoyed the game you helped move forward.
Eye Candy: More from Twistys. This time it’s Sydney Moon in the spotlight.
Reader Email: Just one today and only because we need to put this to rest.
Someone Writes:

“You realize I hope that Luke Ford is no friend to you or to the industry you work in. He hates you and would see you put in jail if he had your way. That should factor into your thinking as you ponder the disputes he has with pornographers and journalists.

Rog Replies:

Thank you for the email, but this has to stop. This is exactly the sort of email or conversation that people have been sending me for years about others in the industry. I don’t “know” if Luke hates me or not. He has always been quite friendly, has never broken confidence and has avoided stabbing me in the back for ten years. As for him wanting to see me in jail, I hope that isn’t true. I would like to think that most people would see me as a decent person who doesn’t deserve the inside of a cell. While I respect those who disagree, I’m going to have to remain steadfastly against the idea of people being arrested for writing words. So let’s just call this the last time I listen to or print stuff like this. Anyone who doesn’t like me is free to tell me themselves. Short of that I am going to assume that no one has any feelings about me one way or the other. Good?
Eye Candy: Finally and on that note Crissy Moran from Twistys

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