7 & 8 Inch Organix by Doc Johnson


Name: Pink 7″ Thin or 8″ Thick Organix by Doc Johnson

Reviewed by: Leanni Lei (www.MyLeanni.com)

Type of toy: Dildo

My first impression? A pink crystallized stegosaurus tail!

Doc Johnson Organix

Price: $8.99 for the Organix Pink 7″ Thin

$8.99 for the Organix Pink 8″ Thick


7 Inch thin= 5.25 inches in usable length, 1.5 inches in diameter and 4.25 inches in circumference.

8 Inch thick= 6.5 inches in usable length, 2 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches in circumference.

Material: Flexible Jelly

Best For: Very tight fit masturbation


Read on….

I received the Organix in two sizes: 7″ thin and 8″ thick. I preferred

the 7″ thin size and I hope I have not disappointed any readers by saying this. (Since they are so similar, my comments about the 7″ toy also apply to the larger one.) Doc Johnson Oraganix

I initially tried this toy one quiet night at home after watching the

baseball game. I wanted to try something different and pulled out this

particular one. Honestly, this item is a bit displeasing to the eye. So much so that I was reluctant to even use it. However, I gave it a shot.

It is made of a pink silicone material typical of dildos making it very

flexible. The outer shell has a ridged texture. Are you familiar with

rock candy? You know those little pieces of hard candy (made entirely

of sugar) that creators crystallize into shapes of well….rocks, thus

rock candy. Even better, try to envision that stegosaurus tail

mentioned earlier. Picture that but with the feel of rubber. Please

don’t mistake me as the surface does not contain any rough edges by any


I prefer my toys smooth (cocks too), but I was feeling a bit

adventurous…not to mention horny, so I slipped it inside of me. I

made sure to lube it up well as I was uncertain how accepting my pussy

would be of the ridges. Well, boys and girls….not bad, but not

entirely great either. The ridges are soft and provide an enhanced

pleasurable sensation, but like I just said…I tend to favor a surface

free of unrealistic irregularities. I can understand the intensity of

sensual gratification it provides and that’s why I give this a fairly

high rating.

I would not suggest this to be used anally, but again if you are a bit

daring….I say “Go for it”.

The only real drawback to it is the cleanup. With the ridges, your

favorite lube or one’s natural lubricants may adhere to crevices and

cause difficulty in removal.

Overall, on a scale from 1 to 10 I rate this a 7.. But as all reviews

are just of one’s opinion….YMMV.

Batteries Needed: None

Cleanup: Soap and water, but be sure to inspect the crevices.

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