Rog Blog: 10/25

Rog Blog: October 25th

Elephant in the Room: That’s right, it’s there and we’re going to simply ignore it. Until I hear from Mike or Mike I’m not going to address things they said to me through someone else. OK, I will, but not until they have had a chance to respond. They are both very busy guys. We have better things to talk about, yes?
Eye Candy: Starting a day with a Hot Chick beats fanning the flames any day.
Airgazmic: The Capture: I’m in the middle of this fun little feature from Platinum Blue. Apparently it is just the start of a multi-part adventure and it is off to a pretty good start. The review will be up later today and then I’ve got Sal Genoa’s “Artcore 4” and the new Adam & Eve “O” flick to get to. Gotta love Award time.
Eye Candy: The original Vivid Girl, Ginger Lynn in Orgy Action.
Really Bad Movies: Sometimes I take a break from porn and enjoy something from my personal collection. I did that this morning, breaking out my DVD copy of the classic “Ssssss”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this less than B movie, it’s a riot. I bought it because it is one of the first movies I remember seeing as a child of maybe 5. My parents took me to the drive in for a double feature of “Ssssss” and “The Boy Who Cried Warewolf.” I was supposed to sleep in the back, but stayed awake for both movies. My memory of the actual flick was foggy until this morning, but I remembered two scenes vividly. (Because they haunted my nightmares for years.) Watching it this morning made me laugh. How can you not love a pre-A Team Dirk Benedict in a movie about creepy snakes? If you get a chance to pick it up, enjoy. Now if I can just find a DVD copy of the original “Food of the Gods” I will be a very happy guy.
Eye Candy: I’m in a classic pornstar mood. Kaitlyn Ashley. Big Hair, Big Tits, Big Fucking Porn Crush.
Playboy/AVN Story: Since this story seems to be at the heart of some of the Luke Ford/AVN heat, let’s talk about it. Before we do, let’s be clear that to date no one other than Luke made any claims that the story is true. In fact there have been denials. (I’ve emailed Paul at AVN just to get an on the record quote.) So let’s be clear that there is, as far as we know, no such sale. But if there was, what do you think AVN would go for? What would a company like Playboy or another publishing entity do with such a chip? Would that be the end of AVN as we know it? Would other production companies pull ads for fear of not getting fair treatment? Could another magazine from a big publishing house actually challenge AVN’s position or would an outright purchase be better? Interesting topics. Let’s hear from you on them.

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