Reader Email: Old Tricks, New Dogs


Old-Bee-Won Writes:

My dearest Roger,
Tsk, tsk, tsk my young friend. After all these years have you really learned so little? Could you have forgotten our long conversation at my home all those years ago? (1997 wasn’t it?) Allow me to refresh your memory a tad. We were sitting in my living room discussing your raging flame wars with imbeciles in a newsgroup and I reminded you that such battles could never be won. You know that I love to say “I told you so” so it pleases me to no end to say just that. You have fallen into old habits my friend and you must stop. You are allowing people to divert your attention from other things to further their agenda.
Do you remember the list and the rule? Of course you do. I still have the original list that you jotted down at my house all those years ago. Hopefully that list has changed, but the rule still applies. Whether you want to print the list as I have it, change it or keep that private is up to you. I’ll include it here along with the rule as a reminder to you that you are off track.
The Rule According to Me
1. Make a list of 5 things important to you, but that you never have time to do.
2. When the urge to engage in an on-line flame war strikes, break out said list.
3. Go down the list one item at a time. If you have done ALL FIVE within the last 48 hours, do them AGAIN.
4. If you have done all 5 items twice in the last 48 hours, reply to the flame.
I honestly hope that you remember this rule and will live by it. You have better things to do than to argue religion through a surrogate with someone who has no interest in hearing a word you say. (and you know I know what I’m talking about.) If you want to discuss such matters then come back to the house, bring some wine and we can discuss the issues like adults.

Rog Replies:
How did I know that this email was coming the second I saw my blog on Luke’s site? You are right of course. I do remember the rule and yes the list has changed. (Work out, have sex with Mrs. Rog and watch a good mainstream movie are still on the list.) I have no desire to be in the middle of anything resembling a flame war. I blog now as I can and if someone takes issue with something I invite them to respond to me. I’m a little confused at why people are responding through Luke, but I suppose that is that makes it more of a flame war. It bothers me that people are so clearly upset. I don’t recall every saying anything in public or private quite so personally disparaging about anyone involved and I don’t intend to do so now. I have nothing eitehr man who has responded so far and hopefully I’ll hear back directly. Until then I shall heed your sage advice and break out my list and hope that it’s nothing personal.
PS:This is the only reader email I’m going to address until I hear back from the two guys involved. I’m not going to have this conversation through Luke and if you want to voice your anger/support to them, you won’t do it through me. Cool?

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