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Rog Blog: October 24th Part 2
Mike Albo Makes Great Points
Well that didn’t take long. Let’s see if I can Readers Digest this. Here are my responses to all of your emails in one paragraph. Yes folks I did see Mike Albo’s email to Luke. No, he didn’t email me first or even CC me on it. Yes, I am a bit baffled as to why he didn’t. NO I don’t think that it was an attempt to be dismissive. Though it might have been, sure. Yes, makes some good points and yes I think he missed exactly what I was saying.
There is really no reason why Mike would have heard of me. I don’t believe we have ever met nor even exchanged emails. As he points out in his reply he has been there for a year. The feelings of some at AVN that I mentioned in passing during a blog, go back a whole lot farther than that. Perhaps that wasn’t clear in my blog, but as I said it was mentioned in passing. I don’t think that I asserted that some AVN’ers were angry with Luke because he has taken to posting pro-religious messages. I did suggest that it “could also” be a factor. Given a number of AVN’ers vehemently anti-religious positions I don’t think that it is a stretch to suggest such a thing.
Mike’s point about Luke’s refusal to post a retraction on the story is an excellent one. If the story is untrue, as everyone at AVN asserts, then a retraction is probably due. That’s up to Luke though. I can’t blame anyone at AVN for being pissed and I certainly wasn’t talking about Mike in the general post. (As I said I don’t know the guy.) I would still throw out the fact that Luke is not well liked at AVN and that he is throwing up some stuff that some at the magazine can’t like as fuel to a fire already raging. To quote a good friend, “It’s just food for thought.”
I’m not sure which site Mike was talking about the end, Luke’s or AVN. Both have made religion a main topic in recent months. Whether these are the topics that should be covered on either site is up to the readers.
So if Mike was being dismissive, the joke’s on me. I certainly wasn’t discounting the validity of his anger over the story. Sometimes not naming names just makes everyone angry I guess.
Oh and for the record, if Playboy wants to buy my site, they are more than welcome to cash a check. Then again, I’m just “a reviewer on the internet.”
Come to think of it….
Nah, let’s end with some hot Hot Asian Eye Candy

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