Voracious Season Two: Part One

Voracious Season Two: Part One


163 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: John Stagliano
THEMES: Vampires, Bondage, Fem Domme, Strap On,
STARS: Lea Lexis, James Deen, ,Stoya, Rocci Siffredi, Anikka Albrite, Skin Diamond, Sandra Romain, Samantha Bentley, Deviant Kade, Wolf Hudson, Keni Styles


Evil Angel’s episodic vampire tale is back for another round. The first three episodes of “season two” are here on this DVD. Like the first, this one is dark, violent and beautifully shot. It is a solid feature told in tight chapters that flow nicely from one to the next. The story revolves around a clan of vampires who roan the streets and need cum as much as blood. They are in danger of being wiped out by some slayers intent of ridding the streets of blood-sucking scum. We get to see them at work in the first chapter. James Deen takes on sexy vampire Anikka Albrite. The sex is rough and she takes every inch beautifully. I am a huge Anikka fan and this scene does not disappoint. The middle chapter is highly fetishized. It features Lea Lexis and Skin Diamond destroying submissive boi toy Deviant Kade. If you like watching guys take dick from two very aggressive women, then this scene will play over and over in your DVD player. The final chapter gives us two scenes. The first features Stoya getting down and dirty with Lea. That’s a great scene you won’t want to miss. I hope we see more from Stoya because she looks fantastic here. The finale is hot, but mostly because it’s incredibly well shot. Sandra Romain fucks Keni Styles in the headlights of his police cruiser. It’s a highly stylized scene with some good heat. This first collection of episodes is a lot of fun. The story is really solid and already very engaging. It’s violent from start to finish and rather unrelenting so keep that in mind. Sexually it’s interesting, but not exactly my favorite Evil Angel title. It covers some interesting fetishes and artfully weaves it into the story. It is beautifully shot and quite relevant. It’s still must see porn, I just hope to see some more of what I loved in season one during the next volume.

Episode One: It’s Dangerous Out Here

Anikka Albrite & James Deen

Wolf ducks off the streets to have his palm read. He ends up face to cheeks with a big full ass that pokes at him through red latex walls. It’s weird, but visually stunning and certainly scores points with the ass fetish folks watching. The real fun happens when James takes Anikka Albrite someplace private. Great tease here as she shows off her ass in the dark room. James has her bend over and then licks her asshole while holding those lovely cheeks wide open. Sitting on a bench she hangs her body over in a way that allows him to fuck her exposed pussy. Great ass shots here as James teases her with short strokes in the pussy until she begs for more. He turns her around the fucks that pretty throat for a while. Lots of drool here and plenty of slapping for those who like that kind of fun. Anikka is all juiced up and ready when he slides back between her legs and bangs her silly. Love the low angle shows as they fuck face to face. Anikka has fantastic legs and a beautiful ass. After a stunning fuck she holds his cock at the entrance to her mouth and jerks him until he explodes all over her tongue and beautiful face.

Episode Two: Do You Know a Vampire

Lea Lexis, Deviant Kade & Skin Diamond

Street rat Kade brings vampire Lea home. He’s got Skin waiting for him wearing a huge strap on. The submissive guy gets face fucked by an angry Skin. Lea joins in the fun and they really make him gag on her huge dick. Lea bends over and Skin forces Kade’s face between her cheeks, commanding him to eat that ass. After the girls watch him suck cock for a while, Skin shows Kade how she likes to drool all over a prick before sucking it down. They bend him over so Lea can peg his ass while Skin’s monster dildo abuses his face. There is lots of anal play for and by Skin. She gets a plug up her own butt before turning Kade around again to open that back door for him. Not to be left out, Lea gets her ass worked over pretty hard as well. In addition to the extreme spit play, Kade ends up with a plug in his ass while getting a super sloppy BJ. Lea takes his balls as Skin inhales his shaft. They finally allow him to cum and Lea makes sure to lick up all that load

Episode Three: May I Offer You Something to Eat?

Stoya & Lea Lexis

Lea and Stoya come face to face and get to show off their aerial skills. It’s beautifully shot footage and quite erotic. Stoya is the perfect vampire with her lithe, pale body and hypnotic eyes. They share a hot kiss before attacking each other below the belt. Lea stands Stoya up and has her arch her back until she can lean back and kiss her. All the while, she’s working fingers into Stoya‘s waiting hole. Bending all the way over, Stoya gives her new friend total access. Lea gets her turn while suspended above the floor. This is really unique action and shows off every inch of Lea’s perfect body. Super sexy lesbian fun for both beautiful women.

Sandra Romain, Keni Styles & Lea Lexis

While making her escape from a nearly fatal battle, Lea is wounded. Sandra helps her and grabs a passing cop (Keni Styles) for some fun and feeding. Against the light from his patrol car, Keni gets sucked silly by the talented and cock starved Euro-babe. Switching it up, she grabs his head and makes him eat her horny little pussy. They get into 69 for some more deep throat action while she grinds her pussy on his face. The lighting her is gorgeous and the toilette sex is very sexy. He fucks her from behind during standing doggy, giving her the dick she wants and soon the cum she needs. His load brings Lea back to life and that’s less than a happy ending for Keni.

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