Rog Blog: Oct 18th

Rog Blog: October 18th
Post Birthday Notes and Stuff
Thanks: Thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes. It was just another day around here. Lots of work and then a great BDay dinner with the family at Lucille’s. Nothing like great BBQ ribs and home made banana pudding to make a day complete. Now I just have to start the count down to the big 4-0.
Eye Candy: Ultra Hotty Clarice shows us the goods Here.

RRFF News: Don’t forget to Register to vote in the upcoming RRFF polls. I’ve got a press release set to go out about the awards, but here’s the big news. This year there will be a new category to the Fan Faves. I’m dropping the Best DVD from the Critic’s Choice Awards and adding it to the Fan Faves. We will do a tournament-style voting to determine which DVD you think was the best. I’ll need nominations for that category and all of the others. Go ahead and register and send in a few names you want to see on the ballot.
Eye Candy: How about a look at my all-time babe Kaitlyn Ashley? She always brightens my day.

The Truth is…Mulder Likes Porn: I’m enjoying X-Files Season Two right now and I am amazed at how often they slip in porn references. AVN, Celebrity Skin etc. In the episode I just finishes, Ashlyn Gere makes an appearance. I know she popped up later and I believe she was part of Carter’s other show “Millennium” but this was interesting. This was pre-Extreme Ashlyn. She looked really good and did a fine job before getting shot while trying to kill Mulder. Great show, great episode and porn. Perfect.
GameLink Sale: Buy 3 Evil Angel DVDs and you get a Return of Assmaster FREE. (Promotion Ends December 31st.)

Alt-Porn Finds a Fan: My dear friend Cindi Loftus ( is a big fan of Alt-Porn and is making sure I know about it. She ran a story on the Alt-Cred at a film festival going on now and broke out an AVN quote that calls Eon McKai’s latest movie as “innovative… mesmerizing… scorching… pornography of a different stripe.” Since I haven’t seen the movie, I’m not going to doubt the credibility of that quote or the integrity of the person who wrote it. I can say that “Girls Lie” is any of those things, then it will be the first alt-porn flick that could be described as such. I do wonder how many people had to review it before they found who felt this way. After all it was several weeks after I hammered McKai’s “Neu Wave Hookers” that AVN finally came up with a review of the film. Since I’m already on Vivid’s hit list and especially despised by the fancy flavors of the week at Vivid-alt I won’t be getting my copy of “Girls Lie” next week when it stores. I guess that means that nothing has changed in the style and content of alt-porn and they’re afraid that someone might actually tell them what most us already know. All of us but Cindi that is. I’ll let her review the movie for us since the alt-boiz are afraid of what porn fans and independent reviewers might say about their….’art’. What can I say Cin, a whole lot of people liked Boy Bands too.
Eye Candy: Alt-Porn IS Shit, but this girl is THE shit. Hot Asian Girl.

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