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Rog Blog: October 16th Late Edition
More Monday Rambles, Net Wars & Olbermann the Assbag

Net Wars: I’ve been watching the back and forth over on and find it interesting. Clearly Luke doesn’t have a lot of friends at AVN. I don’t either for that matter. I’ve heard over the years that more than a few key players there (Though apparently not Paul) either hate me outright, have a complete lack of respect for me and in on case would like to kick my ass. This current round of bitterness seems to center around Luke posting a rumor that AVN had allegedly been sold. Of course it could also have to do with the fact that Luke has taken to posting blogs and emails from some former porners turned Christian activists. That can’t sit well with a few of the more vocally anti-religious writers at the magazine. I tend to stay out of things because there are certainly those in the Christian (And other religious) community who would happily shut down the entire adult entertainment industry. It can’t be easy to face that kind of extremism every day and keep your cool, but most of the writing by certain AVN’ers shows an attitude that is intensely anti-Christian. It is so blatant that it shocks me when they try to deny it. I’m still trying to figure out why. At any rate, Luke is running pieces written by the former porners and then posting responses. You can probably imagine the sort of response a Born Again former porner is going to get. What would porn be without drama eh? What was my point? Just that there is drama I guess and that he is pitting some very religious people against a few who are vehemently opposed to (and perhaps even afraid of) anyone who differs spiritually. I see that kind of stuff as hate speech and I’m not sure what good it really does.
Eye Candy: Speaking of the former porn girls, here is Crissy Moran before she left us.
AVN Noms: I know that several of the high profile people there really don’t like me, but I’ve been a voter for the last few years (Thanks to Paul) so I want to throw out some names for consideration. Just in case anyone from AVN happens to reading. How about some nominees for Starlet first. Sahara Knite, Sasha Knox, Tia Tanaka, Gianna Michaels (assuming she qualifies. I’m not sure what the cut off is and when she officially hit the radar.) Naomi (Ditto on the timing) and of course Aubrey Addams. Just a few women I would like to see nominated. Anyone want to add to that list? Anyone from AVN care to weigh in?
Eye Candy: A very hot girl from Twisty’s.
Football Part 3: What the hell happened to the Raiders? It isn’t even fun watching them lose anymore because they are just so freaking bad. Tonight’s game should be interesting. Leinert Vs The Bears seems like a mismatch, but one never really knows.
Eye Candy: It’s never a bad time for Celebrity Porn.
Fashionistas 2: Some of you may have read my review of Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge by now. I’m getting quite a bit of feedback on it and it seems that many of you missed the point. Either you think I loved the movie and “fawned” over it too much or that I hated it and “unfairly” ripped it. Come on guys, what are you reading? I didn’t love nor hate the movie. It got a B- which is “Above Average” on the scale. That would mean that overall I liked it. I would hardly call that fawning though. On the other hand I didn’t rip it. I appreciated the project for what it was. It isn’t your normal jerk off movie and it gets credit for that. It also has to answer for the times when it strays so far off the beaten path that it becomes somewhat less strokeable than it probably should. It is a beautifully shot movie with some incredible fetish stuff. The costumes are great, and there are a couple of white-hot sex scenes. That stuff is unquestionably brilliant. On the other hand it’s over four hours long, often leaves us hanging sexually and doesn’t always deliver like the first one did. I think some people will love it and others will hate it. I fall into neither group though. I love the three-way with Jenna and Gianna, love the way the fetish world is brought to life and liked the fashion/stage show. It will almost certainly earn a nomination for Best Feature from me and should take home quite a few AVN Awards as well. That doesn’t mean the raincoaters aren’t going to hate it and that even some of the people who loved the first one won’t feel a longing for the good old days of Belladonna and Rocco. There, does that clear it up?
Eye Candy: Classic Porn Photo Gallery of Chasey Lain
Keith Olbermann: I have to admit that I was a out of the loop on ole Keith until last week. Other than the fact that Tod has been posting his name as part of the auto-generated hate-lines he puts up, my exposure to Olbermann was thankfully limited to the few seconds it took for me the change the station whenever he appeared to drag down the Dan Patrick Radio Show. I did remember that he had a show on MSNBC at one time, but remembered that it was some kind of silly list show like he used to do when he was covering sports. So when his latest rants came up last week I decided to hit some video sites and see what all the fuss is about. (After all, he made the hate sites so he must be saying something big right?) Holy shit. What a fucking train wreck. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. Not because what Keith said was funny, the dude has NEVER been half as funny he thinks he is. I was laughing because people are actually taking this guy seriously. People are actually reposting auto-generated hate-lines based on the ranting of Keith mother fucking Olbermann. This is a guy who failed in an industry that made Stu Scott and Chris Bermann stars! He’s floundering around on MSNBC doing a show that no one is watching. And why would they? He’s not a bright guy, not particularly entertaining and has about as much credibility doing political stuff as Rush Limbaugh does doing football. These rants that I found on the video sites were embarrassing. There is a reason good TV personalities usually hold their rants to under five minutes. Keith broke out his thesaurus and strung together enough non sequiturs to give Paula Abdul a headache. He pandered to the Air America crowd, did his best to ignore history, logic, taste and anything else that falls outside of his fantasy world where he can close his eyes, pull an adverb out his hat and make his failed show into a hit. Try and watch one of these things and tell me he makes any sense? Better yet, read the transcripts and realize that even as a pure piece of partisan fantasy (which is fine by the way) it fails miserably because there is no freaking point. He seems to think that if he uses some obscure words while giving a verbal reach-around to the hate Bush crowd that he will be able to fool people into thinking that he has an ounce of credibility, a lucid point or an audience. Hell, he might even convince the hate-line churning poli-cheers to give him…..ooops, too late. They already fell for it. I’m glad we live in a country where even an worn out ESPN has been can turn himself into an assbag on TV. I’m even hoping that this desperate cry for attention works for Keith. If it does, then maybe he’ll stop dropping by and leeching off of Dan Patrick and I can actually enjoy the one show on radio I actually like these days. Someone at Air America PLEASE hire Keith. PLEASE.
Eye Candy: The only way to follow up a story on Keith would be to find an even bigger dick than he is.

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