Rog Blog: Oct 15th…Morning Notes on the Weekend


Rog Blog: October 16th
Monday Rambles, Football and Net Wars
It’s Monday. That Means Football Talk: It was quite a football weekend for me. Those of you who don’t like the sports rant may way want to skip down a bit because I spent Sunday in the easy chair watching Sunday Ticket on DTV. Before I even got to Sunday though, I spent a great football day at USC on Saturday. It was another beautiful day in SoCal, but the slight chill in the air did cut down the number of denim minis we saw. (More on them later.) The game was exciting and USC struggled again. They better pick things up a bit before Oregon, Cal and Notre Dame head into town next month. I just love going to college games. The atmosphere is fantastic and it’s fun no matter how the game goes. As an additional bonus, we got to see the new Galen center just off campus. After years of toiling in the Sports Arena the Trojans get to play in a new arena that is beautiful. We found the doors unlocked and let ourselves in. There were a dozen or so people walking around inside so we check out the facilities. The seats are quite comfortable and as we wandered up to the higher levels, no one stopped us. We even made our way up to the luxury boxes and had a seat in the biggest on the place had to offer. It’s massive with 20 seats, two counters and room for a really big party. Since I seriously doubt that I’ll ever set foot in the box again, it was a nice treat. Of course they ran us out of the building shortly after that. Apparently the building is still closed and we weren’t supposed to even be inside. Nice security there guys.
Eye Candy: How about a Hottie Named Holly from Simon Scans.
AVN Noms coming soon: It is just about time for us to see which movies and stars AVN feels are worthy of award consideration. I’ve got serious hell in the past for bashing some of their nominations, but I really don’t envy those guys (and ladies) at this time of year. They have a lot of movies to look over, a lot of egos to consider and no matter who/what they choose, people are going to pick the lists apart. I was going through some old email the other night and found some really unpleasant exchanges regarding my discussion of a couple of their lists from two years ago. It’s my job to question and maybe this year people will understand that it’s not personal. So let’s hear from you. What/who should be nominated?
Eye Candy: Old school eye candy with my first porn crush, Christy Canyon.. Still hot and in this gallery perhaps the best tits in the history of porn.
Football Part 2: I watched some great games on Sunday morning while I finished up the week’s reviews. Just as I was adding a review of Brad Armstrong’s Manhunters to the site, I was watching New Orleans mount a drive leading to the game winning field goal. (Newsflash: Reggie Bush is fucking GOOD!) I also watched Tampa Bay put the clamps on Carson Palmer to upset the Bengals. That was quite the shocker. More on the later games in a bit.
Eye Candy: Tampa pulls the big upset, Cytherea takes the really big dick.
Mini-Skirts As I noted last week, denim mini-skirts seem to be quite the rage right now. There were not as many yesterday as last week, but I was still amazed at how many lovely sets of legs were exposed and how much frayed denim was decorating the campus. And by the way, to the lovely Asian with blonde highlights, short mini, boots and a number eleven jersey who was hanging out near Tommy Trojan….you’re fucking perfect. The porn world needs you. Please drop me a line. (Sorry guys, no pictures.)
Eye Candy: Speaking of football hotties, Amber Rayne is a sexy cheerleader.
Felix Vicious: Recently retired Felix Vicious has just launched her web site In addition to the usual porn web site stuff, Felix is auctioning off the outfits she wore in her movies and the memorabilia she has collected during her years in the industry. Felix starts school in April and all of the proceeds will help pay for her tuition.
Eye Candy: Did someone mention skirts? Hot Loni in a plaid mini.
Late Games: While working on “Destination Dirtpipe” and “Secretary’s Day” I watched a couple of offensive explosions. What got into the Steelers? Every time I switched over from the Charger game, they were putting the ball the end zone against the Chiefs. The Bolts were wearing out the scoreboard a little bit themselves. When is the last time the Chargers put up that many points in the first half of a game? Wow.
Eye Candy: Miko Sinz is really freaking hot. Wouldn’t you agree?
That’s it: OK, time to watch a little baseball and finish up these reviews. I’ve got a lot more to write about including the ongoing feud between Luke and AVN being waged on, the fact that Keith Olbermann is a complete douchebag and a failure and the complete PC Clusterfuck that Fox Sports created by canning Steve Lyons. Half time is over on the late games, I’ll talk to you later.

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