Pretty Sloppy 5

Pretty Sloppy 5

308 Mins
Evil Angel
THEMES: Spit Swapping, Anal Sex, Drool, Gaping, A2M, Rimming, Lesbian Sex, Big Toys,
STARS: Lily Labeau, Sarah Shavon, Chastity Lynn, Ashley Fires, Sinful, Holly Hana, Chanel Preston, Jodi Taylor, McKenzie Lee, Madison Ivy, Roxy Faye, Sandra Romain, Vicki Chase


Jay Sin doesn’t do anything halfway. This movie focuses in on very sloppy girl on girl sex and it never lets up. The girls have some very big toys and they know how to use them. I’ve never been a huge fan of excessive drool, and that’s a cornerstone here. Add that to the all-girl nature of the movie and it’s definitely not set up for me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like parts of it. I really did like much of the action here, just factor that into the overall scores. Some of the best action comes in a dental themed three way starring Lily Labeau, Sarah Shavon and Vicki Chase. It is a lot of fun watching Lily take charge, but also watching her get toy fucked like crazy. Jodi Taylor gets a double dose of big titted slut. Chanel Preston and McKenzie Lee feed her boobs, pussy, ass and lots of toys. She takes it all and gives some back. These scenes are joined by several others that take the drooling, spitting, gaping and rimming angles to the extreme at every opportunity.

Holly Hana & Sinful

Blonde Holy introduces us to her tattooed friend Sinful. The girls are in matching purple outfits and they tease each other with some butt rubbing and clit teasing. Eventually they break out a double headed dildo that matches their clothes. The girls deep throat the thing, meeting in the middle for a kiss that is more than a little bit impressive. Sinful really seems to be able to take an amazing amount down her throat. The spit starts to get sloppy and Holly rubs it all over her friend’s pussy. Holly squats over Sinful’s face and has her lick that shaved twat while she rams the toy down her throat. They exchange a bit of spot before the blonde spins around and sits her ass right down on her inked friend’s tongue. Serious ass eating at play here as they fall into a hot 69. Sinful rolls into piledriver so that her cute blonde friend can drill her asshole with a huge toy. The gape shots seem to be screaming that she needs more in there. So Holly bends the double dong around to stick both tips up there. The girls trade positions and Sinful uses the huge toy to make Holly’s butthole gape. Holly ends up swallowing the thing in her ass and then pushing it out. That’s quite a finale to a scene that is all about messy sexy, gaping assholes and girls who can’t get enough.

Lily Labeau, Vicki Chase & Sarah Shavon

At Pretty Sloppy Dental School Dr. LaBeau helps Vicki Chase administer some special treatment to Sarah. They spit all over a doubled headed black down and undress while Sarah sits there waiting. Her mouth is held open, making it easy for Lily to spit right in there. They shove the dong down her throat and use a cup to catch the drool that comes out around her stretched lips. There is a lot of spit play here and Sarah is helpless to stop Vicki and Lily from just loading her up with drool. They finally let Sarah out of her oral trap and she happily kisses the other girls. Lily does some pussy licking, but they are all far more concerned with sharing drool streamers than anything else. Vicki bends over and gets a monster toy shoved up her ass. Sarah is right into here licking the thing as it slides out while Lily is taking charge and making that pretty ass gape. If you like big toy action, this is beautifully shot and really hot. Vicki’s pretty ass really expands to take an impossible amount of dick. Lily is next. She bends over and has her perfectly shaped ass stuffed full of the big toy. The other two girls happily lick her putt and clean off the toy when it slices out. Sarah stands over Lily and showers her with some squirt that Vicki happily licks from the blonde’s face. The toy play gets intense enough to have Sarah squirting all over herself while her ass gets stretched. For the grand finale, Sarah turns her asshole inside out for some collapsed rectum licking. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a colon rose and it’s no more appealing to me now than it was years ago.

Chanel Preston, McKenzie Lee & Jodi Taylor

Chanel and McKenzie lead blindfolded and gagged Jodi into the room on a leash. They take turns slapping her exposed pussy and really making the cute young girl feel their wrath. Jodi gets smothered by huge tits and McKenzie and Chanel mash their mams into her pretty young face. Chanel sits on her face and gets the spit really flowing by deep throating a fat dildo. McKenzie bends over and Chanel directs the action, shoving the dildo up her ass and then making Jodi gag on it with straight ass to mouth. Nice anal from the big titted brunette. The dildo play is pretty good when she throws her legs straight up and lets Chanel drive that big dong up her butt. Jodi tries her best to keep up with the anal action, but her ass seems almost too tight for the toy Chanel tries back there. They eventually get it up there though and the ass to mouth play is stills strong. Chanel is next and she throws her legs back over her head for toy play. They shove a long black dick right into her bunghole. They throw in some ass to mouth and spit swapping to keep things plenty nasty. She turns around and shows off her stunning ass in doggy. The action here is the best of the scene. Her ass takes every inches and Jodi adds some hot ass to mouth just for fun. Great way to finish the first disc. More nasty action coming on disc two.

Chastity Lynn, Madison Ivy & Ashley Fires

Disc two starts with hot blonde Madison Ivy joined by sexy Ashley Fires and feloniously cute Chastity Lynn. They are topless in cute little panties with their hands running all over one another. Don’t let the adorable tease fool you though. This thing is going to get hard and messy really quickly. They bring out a glass of chocolate syrup and douse Madison’s pale flesh in the sticky cocktail. Ashley and Chastity lick her at both ends, kissing her lips and sucking on her throbbing clit. Madison has such a great body that I can’t take my eyes off of it. They flip her over, spread her legs and fuck that pussy with a vibrator. The chocolate gets thick and that just kind of makes the mess look like something less than tasty. To be fair I think that’s the point so while it turned me off, I imagine a lot of people will really get a charge out of it. They wash off in the bath and then find a way to get even filthier. The girls bend her over and fuck that upturned ass. Ashley gets attention next. Madison spanks and kisses her pretty ass. Naughty gaping and ass licking follow as the girls play with Ashley’s butt. Chastity is last up and she gets truly nasty. They put the chocolate into her ass until it overflows. You can figure the rest out for yourselves. A huge black dildo follows that stretches her bunghole out to the size of a silver dollar.

Roxy Rae & Sandra Romain

Last up are Roxy and Sandra. Roxy is a pretty blonde who gets manhandled by Sandra immediately. Sandra grabs her by the ponytail and controls her face while she sits and drools on Roxy. Making her slave get on all fours, she slaps the ass and pussy until Roxy yelps. Turning around, Sandra backs her ass against the blonde’s face and grinds away. There is some hot spanking footage with Roxy bent over Sandra’s lap. Turning things around Sandra puts her ass in Roxy’s face and we get to watch the blonde do her best to open Sandra up with both hands. They break a massive dildo that doesn’t look like it could fit into anyone, but Sandra doesn’t bat an eye. Roxy uses two hands to help ram it up in there. It’s super big, but that just makes Sandra happier when it slips into her asshole. Sandra flips the blonde over again and goes four fingers deep into her ass. She actually uses at least six fingers while inserting the monster dong. I don’t know how their asses can stand this kind of abuse, but the result is some hot, filthy action. The grand finale is a colon rose from Roxy. This one isn’t as messy, but the super sized toy action is fantastic.

Bonus: Bonus Scene with Luna and Chastity Lynn, BTS, Trailers, Photo Gallery, Filmographies

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