Rog Blog: October 5th


Rog Blog Oct 5th
Best Performers, Care Package & Stuff
Since it is that time of year again I’m going to run some names by you and see what you think about Performer of the Year status. Let’s start with the ladies. (And we may never actually get to the guys.) I would really like to hear who you guys (and ladies) think should be nominated so speak up. At this point in the year I am thinking that it would be impossible to overlook Gianna Michaels for top honors. She is best known for her big tits, but is also a really great performer. She’s one of my faves and has really had a strong year. Likewise for Mika Tan. Back in June she was number 1 on the Top 20 list and would still be right up there. I don’t know if she has done enough high profile work to get noticed by AVN, but she really has been one of the best in the industry for a few years. How about Hillary Scott as well? In addition to her high profile role as Britney Rears, she has done some great gonzo work, had the Anal Princess Diary movies from Elegant Angel. Let’s not forget about Kinzie Kenner, Nautica Thorn, Courtney Simpson, Flower Tucci and of course Taryn Thomas. (And Sunny Lane, Stormy Daniels, Cindy Crawford, Austyn Moore and Naomi as well.) Lots to choose from. Who are your favorites? Make your case and we’ll talk about them. (Come on, you don’t want me breaking out sports predictions or political rants do you?)
Eye Candy: Warm it up with some Softcore Shots.
Care Package Update
I just received word that Red Light District has sent over a huge (And I mean HUGE) box of stuff for the care package. Our Marines are going to be well set for porn DVDs and SWAG, but there is always room for more to keep our fighting men and women happy. We probably have enough of the hard stuff so what I’d really like now are some PG or R rated slicks or 8×10’s signed by any star willing to contribute. Thanks to Red Light and Brandon Iron for his great help so far.
Eye Candy: How about something A Little Harder from the same site as above.
I don’t even know if this is political. It’s just sort of a common sense and decency thing. Our good friends from the GodHatesFags church are at it again. They decided to take a break from picketing the funerals of dead soldiers to attend another event…the funerals for the Amish girls killed last week. (All together now…”WHAT KIND OF SICK FREAKS WOULD DO THAT?”) Apparently I’m not the only one outraged by these assbags. Some talk show guy named Mike Gallagher (Not sure if this dude is a right wing, left wing or computer talk guy) made them offer that they just couldn’t refuse. He gave them an hour on his program if they promised to stay away from the funerals. Apparently they agreed and took the additional exposure rather than haunt the friends and families of the murdered girls. Many of you know that have an issue with certain people at AVN who paint all Christians with the same ‘ignorant a’holes’ brush, but these people….these people are fucking nuts. Seriously, go away. Leave people alone to grieve and stop making the rest of us who believe in a loving God look bad. (I don’t know where I stole that rant tag from, but I like it.)
Eye Candy: New Site, Old School…Try a little Trinity Loren on for size.
Since everyone is in Tampa this weekend, things might be a little quiet. I’ll be hard at work though reviewing movies and maybe another web site. Of course I’m also going to sneak away on Saturday for the USC game. Has it really been ten months since that heart breaking night in the Rose Bowl? Until tomorrow….

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