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What’s Up With Nautica Thorn?
So most of you saw the press release from Nautica Thorn’s production company that included her My Space info. I ran it like I always do and then followed the link. Like a lot of you, I tried to add Nautica and yes….was denied.
What’s the deal with that? Seems a bit petty, probably too petty to even waste time on, but it’s a lazy Saturday and it speaks to a bigger question. I’ve always wondered what I should do with releases from people/companies who aren’t easy to work with. For example, should I run releases from companies who won’t send screeners? There are a few of those. Should I keep promoting chicks who have issues with me for whatever reason?
This kind of stuff has never really affected things like the Top 20 List. I’ve got plenty of women on that who don’t know, don’t care or just don’t want to talk to me. I don’t really care and don’t expect everyone to kiss my ass. I’m also not big on whoring all over MySpace and places like that. That’s really not anything I have time for.
So one has to wonder what I did to offend or upset Nautica who was always very nice in the past. That should be interesting.
More importantly does this mean I should just ignore the press releases sent?
Come on Nautica, let’s hear it. What’s the deal?

Oh man, I just spend seven minutes writing about something on MySpace. Y’all might want to be careful, the world may well be coming to an end.

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