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Rog Blog: September 15th Part 2
Notes and Scribbles
The week is winding down and I’ve got all these notes to write about. Since I’m taking off for the weekend to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday I’ll just throw them all out there. Feel free to discuss and debate any of them you like.

– It’s time to think about award nominations again. Where are the great features? Is anything going to be better than Jenna Haze Darkside, My Girlfriend’s Whore Friend
or Ass Addiction?
-Inflation is slowing, unemployment has dropped more than anyone expected, gas prices are falling and yet I keep hearing how horrible everything is. Is it only news when it’s bad?
-Am I the only one who still thinks that Kaylynn is one of the hottest babes in all of porn?
– My friend over at has been hard at work on new stories. He’s still waiting for Visa to approve him, but the membership area is up and working for those of you who love big tits and comic book art.
-Tony Blair seems to get what a whole lot of people in American don’t. It makes me sad when Blair seems to love and respect this nation more than some of our own leaders, the Hate America crowd and those so focused on political cheerleading that they are lost in hated.
– Speaking of big tits (As I was two notes ago) I love this chick Laura Lion. Wow.
– Did any of you catch the picture of new Digital Playground contract girl Shay? If you missed it here it is again. She is just fucking awesome if you ask me. Big thanks to Robby D and Joone for this picture. It’s been on my desktop for a week. I can’t seem to stop staring at her.

– Former Texas Governor Ann Richards died this week. Once considered to be a top choice for VP on the Democratic ticket, her political star faded quickly when she went one-and-done Well known for her feisty nature, Richards traded in the state house for potato chip commercials after being beaten George W. Bush for the first of his two terms. Her sharp tongue and willingness to throw out personal insults have long made her a favorite among those who enjoy schoolyard name-calling and sore loser politics instead of actual ideas and issues. Thankfully she had more wit and less hate than some of those who would dismiss her achievements in favor of more shameful Kindergarten “poopey-head” hate speech. I think the former Governor deserves better.

– Some of these single-girl web sites really feature hot bases. is one of them. Wow.

Has Been Celebrity Sqwakin’ I was going to adds something about how Hugo Chavez agrees with the nutty 9/11 conspiracy kooks, but that really falls into the “well duh” pile doesn’t it. That’s almost as pointless of reminding Sean Penn to buy a dictionary before he talks about our “fascist” government. I think that Sean and Hugo deserve each other. Just be very, very thankful Mr. Penn that you live in THIS country so you are totally free to say the most stupid, hateful shit you can think of. Somehow I doubt if you would get away with that in some of the places you love to visit.

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