Guest Blogger: Aurora Snow Interviews Justin Kane From The Set Of Spunk’d


While on the set of Justin Kane’s “Spunk’d” I managed to grab a few minutes with him during our lunch break for the following Q and A:

Aurora: I understand this is your first adult production, have you any previous experience?
Justin: I’ve shot a few mainstream shorts, “The Crib” and “Disarmed.” “The Crib” is this great movie about the relationship between a really old white guy and a young black hipster. “Disarmed” is a comedy based on a guy who lies about not any arms to date this girl. Really funny he has to move around like this (Justin mimics the motion by keeping both arms at their respective sides and bobs his shoulders up and down)

Aurora: I must admit it is rather amusing. So why did you make the switch from mainstream to porn?
Justin: Desire. It’s not easy for a guy like me to direct mainstream, in porn there is a lot more room for a younger unproven guy like myself to get a shot.

Aurora: Is this something you went to school for?
Justin: Yes, I went through a producing program and have a masters degree in motion picture producing.

Aurora: And how old are you?
Justin: Twenty-five.
Aurora: You are rather accomplished for being twenty-five.

Aurora: So what other celebrities or shows are you spoofing in your first volume of Spunk’d?
Justin: Grundles Anatomy (Greys Anatomy), The Simple Lay (The Simple Life), Lindsey Blohan, Mary Kate and Ashly Holson, which is really funny. I have Hilary Scott playing both girls, it’s a trick plot. I have Hershel Savage portraying George W. Bush and Dick Nasty playing Dick Channey. Nick Manning plays Gashton and Dru Barrymore is Dumi Moore.

Aurora: You have quite the cast. I cannot wait to see the whole movie! So what production company is this for and is there a website?
Justin: My company is 6969 Productions and the website is coming soon it will be

I just want to end this by saying “thank you” to Justin for being my bodyguard for a brief moment. On that set he was so much more than just a director… you see it was sometime after lunch, he and I were standing side by side reviewing the script by an open door and much to my horror a huge ugly black wasp/bug thing comes flying in heading for my vulnerable naked body, without thinking I instinctively grabbed the closest thing to me to shield my body from this awful insect, unfortunately the nearest thing to me at the time was the director. So thank you again for being my bug shield.

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