Guest Blogger Cindi Loftus: A Chat With Vivid’s Elusive Canadian Star Lanny Barby


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Cindi: What is the difference between French Canadian men and American men?

Lanny: Sexually? I think Canadian men are more shy to approach a woman and
more reserved then American guys who say “HEY! How’s it going?”

Cindi: American men are more forward? More aggressive?

Lanny: Yes.

Cindi: Who is a better lover?

Lanny: I don’t think it is a question about nationality.

Cindi: What makes a good lover?

Lanny: The man accepts what you do and doesn’t want to change you.

Cindi: Will he try wild stuff?

Lanny: Yes!

Cindi: Where is the weirdest place you ever had sex?

Lanny: I like to have sex outside.

Cindi: Do you have sex outside a lot?

Lanny: Yeah. In the car. I like to have sex in the moment. If we are in the car I don’t want to wait until we get somewhere.

Cindi: Did you ever have sex in a restaurant or a store?

Lanny: No. But I had sex in the elevator of a hotel.

Cindi: Did you get caught?

Lanny: Yeah. An old couple saw us. The doors opened. They were shocked for a second and I hit the button to close the door.

Cindi: That’s funny. You are lucky you didn’t give them a heart attack!

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Hope you liked my Sunday take-over. It’s fun to be queen for a day!
Cindi Loftus

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