Nina Loves Ron

Nina Loves Ron

97 Mins
DIRECTOR: Axel Braun
THEMES: Classic Porn, MILFs, Older Couples, 80’s Porn
STARS: Nina Hartley, Selena Steele, Alicia Money, Renee Morgan, Crystal Wilder

I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea. In fact, I’m not sure that this isn’t a parody. Ron Jeremy and Nina Hartley? In a romantic blind date turned sex picnic scene? We can get back to that in a bit. First, you should know that only the first scene is new. Everything is comes from porn’s way back machine. We get a handful of old Nina and Ron scenes. Not together though. That would have actually been rather interesting. If nothing else we could compare what they were like then to what they are now. Instead we get Nina with Selena Steele and Jon Dough. Nice eye candy here though it’s all pussy licking and a single position fuck. She also hooks up with Alicia Monet (A highly underrated babe) and Tom Byron in a pretty solid scene. In a newer scene, Nina takes on Jay Lassiter to show that she’s still got a great ass and plenty of energy to burn. Ron also pops up in a pair of scenes. He takes on one of my long lost favorites, Crystal Wilder in a scene that includes some anal action. The finale is forgettable. That leaves the main event. Axel did a nice job with the set up. I enjoyed it a great deal. Then the clothes come off and the sex kicks off. Nina still looks pretty good, but she can’t really pull off even a remote interest in doing this scene. Ron struggles from the start and just ends up looking sad. I know that he is a legend, but when you are the star of the movie and you can’t even get hard enough to fuck the other star of the movie then there is something seriously wrong. I’m not sure if it would have been better to show us the old scenes first or if that would have just made this one worse. If you like classic porn, enjoy this small collection, but mostly this reminds us that everyone gets old, even legends have limits and that not every idea is a good one.

Nina Hartley & Ron Jeremy

After a very clever silent movie style first date and picnic, Ron and Nina get it on. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the way the first few minutes were shot. They were sweet, funny and really impressed me. Once the sex starts though, things get pretty average really fast. Nina spreads her legs and tweaks her nipples while Ron flicks her bean with his tongue. The lack of chemistry is palpable. At one point even Ron looks bored. Apparently this is just a little warm up. Nina cums and then we’re off to the next thing. They are in the tub shaving each other (she shaves his back) and getting frisky. Ron holds the base of his dick while Nina desperately tries to make something happen down there. As I watch this I am struck by a question that must also be haunting Nina since it’s staring her right in the face. At what point did Ron’s innie become an outie? They move to the bed where he pinches off enough blood to penetrate her and then Nina acts like those two McGuyver’d inches are enough to send her well traveled pussy into spasms of sheer delight. They manage to fake it well enough in doggy and mange to work in a few nice shots of Nina’s ass before a stupidly faked shot in her mouth.

Nina Hartley & Selena Steele and Jon Dough

For some reason we now cut to an old scene of Nina and Selena Steele. They are surrounded by an audience who seem to be taking in a bit of a live lesbian performance art. Both Nina and Selena looks fantastic here and chow down loudly on one another. Eventually Jon Dough gets in there and lends a helping dick. Jon bangs Selena hard from behind and explodes all over her ass. It’s a single position boff, but it shows Nina in her younger days looking way hot.

Nina Hartley, Alicia Monet & Tom Byron

For this one, Nina is dressed like man and has a strap on in her shorts. She joins Tom in the bathroom with Alicia. Even in her short wig and fake moustache, Nina looks really good here as she sucks real cock while Alicia takes the rubber one deep into her throat. There are great shots of doggy at the edge of the toilet. Nina spreads her legs to be eaten while Tom bangs the sexy redhead from behind. I always likes Alicia and she really kind of steals the show here. Tom unloads all over her ass.

Nina Hartley & Jay Lassiter

This is more recent footage of Nina. She looks good here, especially bent over to show Jay her legendary ass. Remember folks, Nina was big round ass before big round ass was cool. Nina shows him her backside and then rolls over to get a look at his cock. She is impressed and tells him so. Then she starts sucking. Nina was always great with her mouth and uses her tongue like a seasoned pro. They try deep throat, but she just can’t quite get that last inch down. No matter, he rolls her over and starts fucking her pussy and it fits in there just fine. They seem to be really enjoying each other and she responds very well when he gently spanks her big round butt. Given the chance to take a cock deep from behind, Nina shows off her shills by working her hips and making those cheeks dance. They really work well together and he shoots a big load all over her butt.

Crystal Wilder & Ron Jeremy

After nearly ruining a business meeting, Crystal is still trying to convince Ron to spend a bunch of money on a movie company. She drags him into the bathroom and won’t take no for an answer. He goes down between her legs and really works her clit over with his tongue. I always liked this busty blonde. He fingers her little pussy and makes her lips bright pink with anticipation. She grabs his cock in both hands and rubs up both sides before sucking the head like it’s made of candy. Great looking head here and some really good close up shots of her pretty face. Ron works that dick into her, pumping the full length until she bucks and writes out of control. I guess she really wants to get this deal done because she pulls his dick into her ass and rubs her clit like she’s trying to start a fire. Even back then he was doing the pinch, but his cock stays hard enough for some hot doggy from this sexy anal tramp. Crystal spins around and holds her tongue out while he spurts his cream her way.

Renee Morgan & Ron Jeremy

Ron comes home happy about a business deal and Renee is ready to celebrate. What he doesn’t know is that as she sucks his dick, someone is on her way to kill him. I guess he will go out with a smile on his face. While I was always a fan of Crystal’s, I never really saw the appeal of Renee. She was only marginally attractive and her moans make her dialog seem like great acting. Throw in the fact that this scene races by like someone is late for their own funeral and you have a really disappointing end to this collection. Hey, at least it ends quickly when he pulls and jizzes his hand.

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