Home Wrecker 4 (Blu-Ray)

Home Wrecker 4 (Blu-Ray)


115 Mins
Digital Playground
THEMES: Blondes, Bar Pick Ups, First time Three ways
STARS: Bibi Jones, Vicki Chase, Melanie Rios, Lea Lexis, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, Nacho Vidal,

In this fourth installment of Robby D’s domestic series, the boys take on a new roommate. That kind of makes it like the first three volumes. What makes it different is that the roommate is a hot blonde. OK, that doesn’t make it different either. This time the hot blonde is Bibi Jones and she’s new to the party. She is also new to three-way sex with two dudes, at least on camera. That’s right folks, this movie features Bibi in her first boy/boy/girl three-way. That scene is at the end and totally worth checking out. Luckily there is plenty more to enjoy along the way. Nacho, Erik and Manuel sample plenty of sweet meat and provide us with plenty of eye candy. Lea Lexis is a great one night stand for Erik. She looks great and really knows how to show off her body. More from her is always good. Melanie Rios looks fantastic and is really quite a vocal little performer. Vicki Chase pops back in to take Nacho back. She starts with his cock and loves every throbbing inch. Great scenes from all three women. Love the eye candy and the energy. Bibi gets two scenes. First she lights up on top of Manuel’s big cock. Great energy and leg shots to die for here. Then comes the big finale. Bibi takes on two dicks at once and does a very nice job. As for the story, it’s just enough to move us from scene to scene. This is another solid bit of eye candy from Robby D that looks even better on Blu-Ray.

Lea Lexis & Erik Everhard

Erik brings Lea home from the club and after waking up Manuel, he heads off to the bedroom with the sexy blonde. She climbs right on top of him to make out while he gets her out of her dress. Moving down his body, she takes his cock into her mouth and gives it some long licks. Lea gets to know him intimately by using her mouth. She really does a good job of selling this and making it look like a raunchy, fun encounter with a semi-stranger. He returns the favor and she locks her strong legs around his back and holds on for dear life. He slips her into spoon where she can hold her legs up and point her toes while he fucks her slit. Lea can do things with her body that are incredible. She keeps the contortions to a minimum here but still knows how to position herself to look amazing. Erik turns her around and fucks her from behind while Lea arches her back and moans loudly. He shoots his load all over her sexy ass.

Bibi Jones & Manuel Ferrara

While her other new roommates are busy, Bibi joins Manuel on the couch. She wants to make it up to him for having him moved to the couch. Manuel slides his mouth down between her legs and has her flopping about on the couch in no time. Bibi moves her blonde head down and grabs that big cock. Pushing it to the back of her throat she does her best to swallow it. When that doesn’t work she double up her hand action to make sure he is ready to fuck her. He pulls her on top and she just slides her pussy down over that long cock. Manuel pumps her hard and she holds on as he hits her deep spots. Spinning around she shows us her legs and tits as she bounces even harder on his pole. He spins her around for doggy with a bit of spanking thrown in for good measure. Bibi is a good girl who spins around at the end to take a great pop right on her cute face.

Melanie Rios & Nacho Vidal

In another room, Nacho is sealing the deal with his latest bar conquest. They kiss while he works her dress up and grabs a handful of her tiny ass cheeks. He bends her over and eats her from behind, licking and smacking her ass as he gets to know his new friend. The blowjob is painfully short as she sucks him like crazy before getting lifted up for some face to face fucking. Nacho’s big cock lights up her little pussy and Mel isn’t afraid to scream loud enough to wake the roommates. There are some great shots in reverse cowgirl. Melanie looks lovely and really rides his big dick hard. I love her energy in this scene. Melanie is very pretty and hearing her be so vocal as the takes that big cock only makes it more fun. He fucks her really hard and then leaves a load on her face. The little cutie turns to show it and then smiles because she knows that this guy is going to call her again.

Vicki Chase & Nacho Vidal

Vicki calls Nacho and they seem to be ready to get back together. At the very least he’s going to fuck her one more time. Hell, why not. She is a very good looking girl who has clearly missed the big cock he has to offer. Taking it in both hands she licks the head and coos like she can’t wait to ride that thing all night. Standing up and turning around she lets him slide it in and gets super loud immediately. The long shots of the standing doggy are really sexy. Good hard strokes here that leave her legs quivering and her lovely breasts bouncing. It’s pretty clear that she came back just for the dick, because she gets off hardest when facing away from him and just going to town. When she turns around he gently spanks her ass and then slides a finger in to push her over the edge again. They go back to standing doggy where he pumps her some more and then leaves his load all over her fine ass. I think these two make a fine couple and everything should work out fine.

Bibi Jones, Toni Ribas & Erik Everhard

Bibi brings a guy home, but Erik interrupts. The guys hit it off and talk pizza until she declares that he just wants someone to fuck her. Wisely, both guys decide to do the deed and get a slice later. This is Bibi’s first scene with two guys and she gets right into it, using her pretty mouth to kick the action into high gear. She tries sucking Toni deep, but Erik’s tongue has her moaning so loud that she can’t keep her lips around his dick. Toni flips her over and pummels her pussy while she gets Erik all juiced up in her mouth. She handles two dicks really well, riding one and bending over to suck the other. Bibi is quite pretty and the close up shots of both her mouth and her stuffed pussy are quite hot here. Looking at her long legs spread wide as she gets pounded is bound to make any guy want to move this hottie in. Toni shoots a load all over her face and moments later Erik finishes on her ass. Nice first on-camera three-way for Bibi and her fine body.

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