TS Playground 3

TS Playground 3


151 Mins
Evil Angel
THEMES: TS, Anal Sex, TS on Girl, TS on Guy, TS on TS
STARS: Juliana Souza, Bruna Butterfly, Andressa Alves, Alec Victor, Gladys Adriane, Max Sear, Jhenifer Dalbosco, Kelly Pierce, Roxy Rayne, Mason Pierce


Usually I leave the TS reviews for Ron Riggins, but I’m sure he’s busy with fantasy football so I’ll give it a shot. One question I always have about this genre, is who it’s for and what are they looking for? Most of the titles seem to keep to one type of pairing, but this one mixes it up. There are scenes with TS on TS action, TS with guys, TS with a guy and girl. It would seem that each of these different “flavors” would appeal to a different segment of the audience. That burning question aside, this is a very well shot movie with feminine TS performers who all perform at top levels. Lots of hard dicks here, going in and out of holes of every kind. No stories or set ups, just hard core gonzo sex.

Juliana Souza & Bruna Butterfly

We start the party with TS on TS as Juliana and Bruna take on one another. They start out teasing, but quickly get to sucking each other off. I wonder what percentage of the TS audience is looking for this particular combination. Is TS on TS hotter than TS on guy or TS on girl? Is a mixture what we’re going for? At any rate, the two performers go face to face for mutual hand job action. As they start fucking I wonder something else. When a TS is being fucked in the ass, is it more of a turn on for the dick to get hard? Wouldn’t that indicate more interest? There is a lot of semi-hard action from both of them when they receive, but the dicks are plenty hard on the top side. The brunette is the cuter of the two, but the blonde is the more vigorous in terms of fucking. Lots of anal sex here and also a lot of manually coaxing the cocks by the bottoms. In the end they stroke their loads all over one another and give a little extra hand action to make sure every drop is out.

Andressa Alves & Alec Victor

Next up is a little locker room sex. Or maybe it’s a bus depot. Andressa is sitting on a bench with lockers everywhere. The tease is rather clunky and this brunette has a very manly shaped ass. (I think most guys watching this prefer the more feminine TSs but maybe I’m wrong.) Alec comes in and feeds Andressa his cock. At least in the beginning the guy is topping the TS. He quickly turns that around though, sucking Andressa’s cock like that’s what he really came here for. He spreads those big cheeks and does some serious ass licking as well. Ana has moved up the toy ladder quickly and now really loves the way the big ones stretch her tight hole. After fucking Andressa from behind, Alec pulls the cock back and gives it a taste. All that fucking and sucking still leaves Andressa’s cock mostly soft. In fact during piledriver that thing damn near shrivels up goes back into Andress’a body. It rises again when Alec sits back for RCA. Andressa seems most interested in the action at the end as Alec blasts his big load.

Gladys Adriane & Max Sear

Slim and very feminine, Gladys has long legs and a big bubble butt. There is a little something extra under that tight black outfit though. It’s a big dick in case you missed it. Thanks to a little oil and a lot of stroking, Gladys gets that big thing hard and ready to use on Max. Max has a big dick himself and it’s hard as a rock as it slides into Gladys’ mouth. They slide together in cowgirl with those big brown cheeks swallowing up Max’s meat. Squatting over the dick, Gladys strokes that long cock while taking one up the ass. Max finishes on Gladys’ chest, shooting his load of cream all over those firm tits.

Jhenifer Dalbosco & Alec Victor

Jhenifer is a big, curvy TS with permanent duck face. Alec is back and is more than happy to bury his face in that giant ass. Those big puffed up lips slide up and down on Alec’s pole while he reaches around to spread and spank Jhenifer’s cheeks. Alec likes getting head, but really wants some ass. He pulls the cheeks apart and stuffs his cock in that tight little hole. Big ass action all around as Alec licks and fucks Jhenifer The cowgirl action features Jhenifer riding the dick while jerking off on Alec’s chest. Turns out Alec is quite the deep throater and easily swallows Jhenifer’s throbbing dong. That sets him up for the ass pounding of his life. Jhenifer puts a lot of energy into the hard strokes and destroys his ass. Alec’s reward is the opportunity to unload all over some big, round TS ass.

Kelly Pierce, Roxy Rayne & Mason Pierce

Kelly Pierce grabs her “pussy stick” (Never heard that one before.) and pleasures it. The tease includes ass spreading and plenty of action on that stick until it gets hard. Kelly then explains the plan to bring in Roxy Rayne and Mason Pierce for some cock, pussy and ass play. Roxy is a pretty blonde who is very excited to suck two cocks today. She starts with Kelly’s and makes short work of it. Moving her mouth from dick to dick she proves to be quite the hungry little thing. Roxy puts the two dicks together and sucks them both at the same time. Next she squats over both of them and samples some side by side meat. Mason tries the TS ass first and seems to find it plenty tight. Roxy gets some pussy stick in her own non stick like pussy and her ass. Mason enjoys holes of every kind from both Kelly and Roxy. Mason fucks Kelly in the ass while Roxy leans in and eats the dick. Mason and Kelly take turns fucking the hell out of Roxy. Mason shoots his load on Roxy’s face while Kelly empties on the shaved pussy.

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