Cuckold Tales: Amateur Wives & Cuckold Hubbies

Cuckold Tales: Amateur Wives & Cuckold Hubbies

140 Mins
Homegrown Video
CONDOMS: Some Noted
THEMES: Cuckolds, Interracial Sex, Dirty Talk, Amateurs, Big Tits, BBW, Shaved Pussy, POV, Cheating
STARS: Carey Riley, Malanie Skyy, Falicia Karr, Katrina B, Beacha, Jolene Devil

This is a DVD filled with amateur babes fucking dudes in front of their husbands. It fits the cuckold theme really well and provides that audience with good material. There is a variety of cuck play. These are amateur babes which means you probably haven’t seen any of them before and aren’t likely to again. If you like cuck porn and want to feel real, there is good and bad news here. The raw talent of the amateurs allows for a more realistic feel. They don’t often provide a lot of eye candy though. And when the cuck play requires any acting it is often pretty horrid. The first girl, Carey Riley is a bigger amateur girl who fucks in front of her husband. The cuckold set up here is really good, but the scene is over too quickly. It kind of ruins the fun if the stud there to fuck the wife can’t last long enough for the hubby to even get hard in his wife’s panties. Malanie Skyy is older, not very good at dialog and kind of hard to watch. Falicia Karr is a very big wife who tortures her husband by having a three-way with him. Doesn’t make sense does it? She fucks a cuter girl along with him, but there is little if any chemistry here. It’s kind of a mess. There is a bonus scene with a woman named Beacha who loves black cock and gets one as a present. Nothing there either. The one really good looking woman in the movie is on the cover. Her name is Jolene Devil and she makes a tape to show her hubby that he’s a cuckold now. Hot set up and an even hotter woman. The action is POV style and rather plain with no variety. He shoots into her pussy. Normally I would call this a big waste of potential, but it’s the best of a rather bad lot. This is good only if you love cuck fantasies and specifically want to see women who wouldn’t make it in regular porn.

Carey Riley, Nikko & Jack

Jack is apparently a cheater and a liar. His wife, Carey Riley makes him wear her panties on her head while she sucks Nikko’s black cock right in front of him. Carey really plays up the cuckold angle, insulting her man and bossing him around. After making him put on her panties, she lowers her shaved pussy onto the bigger black dick. Bent over just inches from him, Carey takes a hard pounding while screaming out a stream of insults about Jack’s dick, his sexuality and anything else she can think of. The action makes Niko cum almost immediately, Carey spins around and takes a big load in her mouth and then spits it all over her man’s face. It is a very short scene, but the intensity of the cuckold play is really high.

Malanie Skyy

When Malanie’s husband comes to the pool cabana with a glass of wine for his wife, he finds her sucking on another man’s cock. Malanie is an older woman who is happy to tell her man that he’s really not what she wants. She knows it might bother him to watch her other men, but she is going to do it anyway. While making the mystery man get blown, hubby hears about how he will have to help his wife get ready for her dates. Malanie has some cock eyed bolt on tits and skinny arms. She makes the scene work by having a filthy mouth. If you like the idea of having to watch your wife fuck a dude while she tells you all of the ways you aren’t good enough then you might really have fun with this. Other than cuck talk, things are shaky at best. Literally in terms of camera work and figuratively in terms of the overall lack of eye candy. Malanie keeps sucking and stroking and talking dirty until the nasty older woman takes his cumload in her slutty mouth. She then gives hubby a little handy as a reward.

Malanie Skyy

Scene two features Malanie coming home to find her hubby jerking off to her pictures. She delivers a few comically canned lines of dialog that is just horrible. They cut to her on her back being fucked by him. Her dialog feels like something she was told to say for a custom video or something. Thankfully it’s a quick scene that ends with a facial.

Falicia Karr, Katrina B and Steve

As soon as Falicia’s man walks into the hotel room, she strips his shirt off and makes him sit in a chair while her cute friend Katrina helps. They cuff him into the chair and make him watch. Katrina is kind of cute and Falicia is a thick, milf who needs to punish her man. It’s playful punishment as they use a penis pump on his dick. We can’t really see much here as they girls block it out. They get in bed together and do some side by side masturbation. They decide to get him into bed and things just go poorly for a while. No one really seems to know what to do and Katrina seems totally disinterested in both partners. He goes down on both of them and then lets the cute girl ride his face while Falicia sucks his prick. He fucks Falicia from behind. She is more than thick, bordering on BBW territory and he doesn’t seem to be able to control her big rolling ass. He has better luck with Katrina (After slipping on a condom) who is small enough for some face to face fucking while standing. There isn’t a whole lot of chemistry here as everyone seems very awkward with one another. I know it’s amateur, but still. He ends up shooting into Falicia. This one just didn’t seem to ever come together.

Jolene Devil

Jolene is the hottest woman on this disc (by a longshot). She makes a video to her man explaining how his cock is too small and she just isn’t satisfied. As the pretty blonde explains, this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last, but since he is too small and neglects her, she needs other men. Her body is very hot and the guy gets right to the action, fucking her in POV while talking to her man about how good it is. It’s a one position fuck that ends with him giving the hot blonde a cream pie. Great cuck fun and the best looking girl in the movie. It’s too short but it is still the best reason to pick up this DVD.


A bonus scene features Beacha being led into a hotel room by her husband and presented to a black man. She’s older and not all that attractive, but her hubby watches her suck on a long black cock. I get the appeal here I’m just not really feeling it. Neither is the guy apparently because he struggles with wood. Eventually she throws her legs up in the air and he slides his condom covered dong into her hole. She seems to be having a good time so there is appeal in that. She is also soft, thick and busty so there will be people who get the full benefit from this scene. I’m just ready for stuff to be over at this point. Flipping her over, he fucks her from behind for a while. After some bareback oral he goes into her ass and pushes her thighs up against her tits. Like I said, some people will dig this, I just never really found it appealing right up to the swallowed cumshot.

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