Hot & Mean 8

Hot & Mean 8

165 Mins
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Bridges, Rough Sex, Three Ways,
STARS: Sarah Vandella, Lisa Ann, Celeste Star, Raven Bay, Daisy Lynn, Kiara Mia, Nina Mercedez, Dani Jensen, Shyla Jennings, Vanessa Veracruz, Spencer Scott, Jelena Jensen, Ryan Keely

Brazzers does girl/girl sex unlike other companies. They tend to put a little edge on things. This volume is actually a little softer than others I have seen from the Hot & Mean line. The opening scene is a perfect example. Beautiful bride Sarah Vandella has been hiding something and it comes out on her wedding day. She and mother in law Lisa Ann hook up in a passionate, loving and totally fucking hot scene. From there things take on a more familiar tone. Celeste Star and Raven Bay show their new roommate, Daisy Lynn not to get in the middle of their romance. Kiara Marie gets to work out her anger on Nina Mercedez. This is one of the hottest scenes of the bunch. Both women look great and get into the spirit of the festivities. Dani Jensen and Shyla Jennings are another hot same sex couple who spice things up a bit with some rough play. Vanessa Veracruz gets a lesson on what happens when you fuck with the boss. She fucks you right back. Great scene there. Don’t miss the bonus scene either. Ryan Keely looks fucking amazing as she gets tossed around and fucked silly by Jelena Jensen. Excellent additional value from this bonus scene. Overall the movie fits what fans have come to expect. The girls are hot, the action is perfectly shot and there is just a bit of an edge to it. If you like this kind of lesbian action, grab the DVD, strap in and enjoy.

Lisa Ann & Sarah Vandella

It’s Sarah’s big day. She is about to be married and couldn’t looks more beautiful. As she gets all dressed up in her pretty white stockings, something seems to be troubling the blushing blonde bride. Her soon to be mother in law, Lisa Ann helps her get dressed and the sexual tension is undeniable. They profess their love for one another and quickly work to get Sarah out of the long white dress they just put her in. The kissing and gentle nipple sucking are not what most fans would expect form Hot and Mean, but both Lisa and Sarah are smoking hot and really getting into the fun here. Lisa spreads Sarah’s thighs and licks her in a way that has the pretty blonde singing her praises and happily expressing her love for her. Set to return the favor and still in her bridal undies, Sarah attacks Lisa Ann‘s pussy like she really is in love. Sarah breaks out a glass toy and uses some tricks on Lisa that really bring a smile to her face. Great eye candy here as both women are stunning. Sarah turns her ass to the air and gets fucked by Lisa’s toy in a way that her man could never give it to her. The anal play is very well shot with Sarah reaching her legs high in the air for a great view. I know that fans of this series are looking for rougher lesbian action, but this one is really hot. The performers are into each other and there is a bit of kink in the romance, making it really fantastic.

Celeste Star, Raven Bay & Daisy Lynn

Sticking with the theme of lesbian romance we find Daisy Lynn becoming roommates with same sex couple Celeste Star and Raven Bay. Though she is straight, she gets curious, watches the couple have sex and then flirts with both of them during her first week in the house. Celeste and Raven corner her in the bedroom and decide to show her what happens to a hot chick who gets in between two other hot chicks. They throw her onto the bed and push her long legs back over her head. Lots of dirty talk as Celeste and Raven take turns burying their faces in her lesbian virgin pussy. While Celeste grabs a big strap on, Raven makes the new girl eat pussy as if her life depends on it. This leaves her in perfect position to take fake cock from behind. Daisy adjusts to this kind of fun quickly and cums hard from the toy play and the mild verbal abuse she is taking from her roommates. Celeste is really good with that strap on and grabs Daisy by the ass as she fucks her. There are some great close up shots as the girls have fun with their leggy roommate. When they make her cum, Daisy is then set upon the task of returning the favor. Celeste spreads her legs and grinds her pussy on the blonde’s face. Moving over to Raven, she licks her pussy with the help of the toy. (Those boob scars look really fresh. I would imagine Raven has been very recently enhanced.) Everyone is happy and I think this relationship is going to work out just fine.

Kiara Mia & Nina Mercedez

Kiara is drowning her sorrows in a bar after a break up. She gets some empowering advice from the hot bartender who closes up early to show the pretty girl exactly how to let her inner goddess roar. With just a little prompting she grabs Nina by the hair and shoves her big tits into her mouth. She bends her over the bar, pulls up her skirt and spanks her. Nina does into sub mode, wiggling her big ass and saying whatever her new mistress asks her to say as she gets fingered. There is a lot of hair pulling and dirty talk in this scene. Even though Nina asked for it, she’s getting it and then some. When she wants to be pleases, Kiara gets on the bar and lets her new friend fucks her from behind with a vibe. She turns around and has Nina suck the juices off after cumming all over it. Kiara breaks out a strap on and Nina gets tit fucked like it’s actually getting her off. Putting her back onto the barstool, Kiara fucks the spicy barmaid in her shaved pussy with the fat fake cock. Super hot toy play in this one.

Dani Jensen & Shyla Jennings

Shyla is at home masturbating to some porn. Nothing wrong with that right? Wrong. When Dani comes home and finds her jilling off (TM Tina Tyler, wherever you are.) to hetero porn, the pretty redhead hits the fucking roof. When she confesses that she wants cock, Shyla has to beg her girlfriend to fuck her with a strap on. Dani instantly goes into dome mode and Shyla happily begs and is the perfect little hot sub. She has Shyla lick her pussy first to earn the fucking to come. Shyla gets bent over and fucked hard by that big long dick. Dani really knows how to give it to her girl. After a good hard fuck she has to suck on it as well. I guess Shyla meant what she said about wanting cock because she really goes after it. We get some great looking reverse cowgirl. Shyla is super hot and Dani is great eye candy as well. Watching the reverse cowgirl is bound to get you going.

Vanessa Veracruz & Spencer Scott

Vanessa doesn’t like her boss Spencer. She is open about talking shit about the boss to co-workers. Of course she gets caught the tall blonde and under the threat of being fired, Vanessa begins to learn respect. Spencer bends her over, lifts her skirt and licks her from behind. The eye candy here is great. Vanessa looks totally hot and the professional dress only adds to the fantasy appeal of this naughty bit of workplace sexual harassment. While she gets undressed, the blonde boss orders Vanessa to play with herself and watch. Climbing onto the desk, she rides Vanessa’s face, getting off quickly while continuing to order her around. The pretty blonde plays with her new friend who has completely gotten on board with her newest job assignment. Spencer has a strap on that stretching Vanessa’s tight pussy. Nice shots of the pretty Latina with her legs up over Spencer’s shoulders as she gets stuffed by rubber dick. Great strap on fucking here including some sucking of the juices by Vanessa. For the big finish, Vanessa has to use her tongue to get her boss off. Her tongue gets the job done in record time. I think Vanessa has saved her job, but she better get used to the taste of blonde boss pussy.

Bonus: Bonus Scene (Ryan Keely & Jalena Jensen), Photo Gallery, Web Access, Trailers

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