Guest Blogger Ivan: Rob Blacks Birthday

Yesterday we had our weekly production meeting. Before it started I gave Rob Blackhis birthday gift, he genuinely seemed happy and very grateful. It was a Ricky Williams CFL Toronto Argonauts jersey. Yeah beat that gift for a football fan. It’s weird how much I love to buy people stuff. I not only look like Santa Claus but mostly act like one, dang feed me with milk and cookies and my bag of gifts opens up. I really think it’s the upringing my wonderful parents raised me with. They always seemed to put others’ well-being ahead of the their own and whether it was in detriment to them it didn’t matter, they helped and did what they could. They even went into deep debt just to bring most of our family and friends here from Russia. I can’t say enough home much that type of mentality means to me. Back to the porno for now.

At the meeting we discussed our production schedules and the websites. We are going to do some pretty cool things with The plan is to have Directors to daily blog/journal — Top Story updates of their own. What I will do is do a picture and clip update from the office. I will run around the office and shoot a short clip and some stills when it’s my turn. So yesterday on the way to the office I tested out my new little digital camera (my favorite one broke last Thursday). Here is a test CLIP. warning: I was working on no sleep, no shaving, AND check out the messy hair flying out from under the hat due to windy truck conditions. VIDEO CLIP TEST And yes, that’s Master P on the radio. Ughh! Nah! nah! Nah!

My EXTREME bio … Over 18 please

AND finally … last night I took time off from editing and went ot a friend’s to watch The Others and play with the Quija Board I bought for The Sex Sense. Well, I am not sure if my friend pushed the Quija Board because I didn’t, I purposely barely had my fingers on it. We turned off all the lights because the board glows in the dark. That was really creepy. :( But it said a few things, all good nothing bad. It was a guy but there were 6 people in the room total. Um, meaning 4 besides us two mortals. I asked if it was safe for me to drive home … the “spirit” said yes and quickly went to good bye. Well, I am not sure if I believe in the Quija Board especially from Toys’ R’ Us but I know I didn’t push it, I imagine my sneaky friend did. It’s just actually easier to believe that then the alternative. Either way I got home safe.

And need to go back to Chatsworth for some more meetings.

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