Brand New Faces 42

Brand New Faces 42

210 Mins
CONDOMS: None Noted
THEMES: New Girls, Natural Boobs
STARS: Zoey Foxx, Bailey Blue, Heather Lee, Holy Green, Liv Aguilera, Xander Corvus, Jerry, Tommy Pistol, Barry Scott


This has long been the best new girl line in porn. Even after more than forty episodes, it is still at the top of the heap. Not all of the girls are stars in the making and we are far enough behind that those with the most potential are already stars, but it’s still really damn good. The five babes here are all good looking and most show excellent energy for a first outing. Bailey Blue is really fresh faced and shows you why she has become popular. Ditto for Zoey Foxx. She looks really good in her scene and seems totally at home in front of the camera. Holy Green is pretty good and has some interesting answers to her questions. I really love Liv Aguilera in this movie. She’s adorable and totally hot here. Right out of the gate, her star power is evident. And with all this my favorite scene comes from Heather Lee. She really puts it all together and stands out among a really solid cast. Though B Skow has moved on, his new girl line for Vivid is still the best thing going in the genre.

Bailey Blue & Jerry

First up is pretty young Bailey Blue. She was tired of working in a deli at the local grocery store and wants to try porn for the money. At this point she has never even stripped before, but takes off her clothes while talking about how she likes to get drunk and fuck. Her body is very nice, especially her perky natural boobs. Eventually B Skow stops talking and has her rub her pussy while she waits for the guy. Jerry starts by eating her pussy, getting Bailey warmed up rather quickly. It doesn’t take her long to sit up and take his dick into her mouth. Though she is brand new, Bailey has good skills and looks really pretty sucking that fat meat. After the good blowjob she gets up on the bed and shows pretty good energy as he slides his dick into her. After a few warm up strokes, he is going at full speed so that their bodies slap together loudly. Jerry pulls her up on top and spreads her cheeks for the camera while he works deep in her pretty little pussy. Jerry stands her up next to the bed and pounds on that pussy for a good long while. They go for a big finish that includes his load fired all over her pretty face. We already know that Bailey is pretty hot, but she certainly gives us a good indication of her skills here.

Heather Lee & Tommy Pistol

Heather Lee seems a little wound up and really ready to go. She also looks fantastic in her clothes. Her conversation is interesting. At times she seems standoffish, but laughs it off. She also loves sex, but was not a slut in school. Heather flat out refuses to lick ass and would dump a guy even if she loved him before tossing a salad. The interview is a little odd because she has kind of a bratty attitude, but is totally cute. On the other hand she likes to be spanked and talked dirty to. When Tommy comes in and eats her pussy, she is still talking to the director. Her attitude kind of melts away as she gets into the fun and Tommy works her slit with his tongue. After a lot of great close up shots and plenty of finger fun she gets on her knees to suck his dick. Once she gets going, she has good hand skills and a very pretty face. Tommy stops her and stands her up at the desk. He bangs her from behind, letting the cute young girl show off her legs and ass nicely. Using her body nicely, she backs up on him in a semi doggy with hot hip movements that you know feel fantastic. Heather’s energy is really good, especially for a first timer. Her body is really good and I don’t think anyone will doubt her ability to put on a great show. The cumshot is a little weak, but it is perfectly placed right in her mouth. This scene is super hot.

Holy Green & Barry Scott

New girl Holy likes to fuck when she’s drunk. She tells a story about a one night stand who bought her 22 drinks and then gave her a mediocre fuck. Her top comes down and she has big natural tits. They continue to explore her sex life and likes and dislikes. Getting her to pleasure herself is a challenge. Holy says she doesn’t use toys and really isn’t into self love. Barry shows up and Holy gets to work showing off her skills. She bragged about how good her tongue is during the BJs and that certainly proves to be the case. Great looking head that moves right into some very spirited spoon action. She gets her pussy thoroughly fucked. They get into reverse cowgirl and she finds a good grove bouncing up and down. This is a good position for her tits that are getting plenty of attention. When he gets close, he asks to cum on her face because her mom doesn’t allow that. He gives her a really nice load to practice for her boy/girl porn debut.

Liv Aguilera & Xander Corvus

Sexy Liv has become quite a popular performer of late. This is her first scene so she’s all hot and ready to go. She is twenty years old and has been with fewer than 20 guys, but thinks she is good enough at sex to be in porn. As she strips down she shows the moves she would use if she ever became a stripper. Liv has a really cute little butt that is nicely shape for such a tiny thing. Showing off her pussy, she rubs her clit with her finger and gets herself off for the camera. After letting him eat her for a bit, Liv kneels and opens her mouth to suck cock. It stretches her lips and he rubs the head on her face as the camera captures the fun in POV. I love her face and though her BJ could use a little work here, you can see the potential she has. Bending her over, Xander takes Liv from behind, working his hard cock slowly into her tight little pussy. She gets on top to show off her ass first and then her front as she spins and proves to be quite good with her hips. Very nice spoon and good clean off shots when they switch positions. She finishes up with a great big load on her pretty face. Oh I like this girl.

Zoey Foxx & Jerry

Before porn, Zoey had done just about every other kind of modeling. Porn just seemed like the next step. She is not at all shy about showing off her body during the interview. Zoey hasn’t been with a lot of guys, but says she has had a lot of sex with those few select people. He bends her over and has her spread her cheeks while she talks about high school and her early sexual experiences. Jerry dives right in and tastes her pretty young pussy. Zoey says she enjoys it, but seems to pick up her personal energy level when she gets a chance to put his dick in her mouth. Bending her over for doggy, Jerry gives it to her hard and fast. Zoey is ready for whatever he has and lets him know. When he gets close to cumming, Jerry puts her mish and then pulls out in time to shoot all over her pussy. Welcome to porn Zoey, we will be seeing a lot more of you.

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