Chloe Jones Masturbator

Name: Chloe Jones Masturbator

Doc Johnson Chloe Jones Masturbator

Type of Toy: Replica Vagina

Bottom Line: Keep the lube handy ‘cuz this Mrs. Jones is one tight honey.

Price: $22.00 at Adult DVD Empire and$24.95 at

Size: 3″ high by 2″ wide and approximately 6″ deep

Material: UR3 (Realistic, Soft Rubber)

Best For: Very tight fit masturbation


This soft purple masturbator is supposed to be a replica of Chloe Jones’ pussy. It looks real enough…except for the fact that it is purple! It is a fairly lightweight until that is manageable enough to be held in one hand, but it is also designed to sit flat on a table or bathroom counter if you like to get off while standing up. The UR3 material is very soft and feels about as much like flesh as any toy I have ever tried.

It is also incredibly tight. I couldn’t even get a finger in there without lube. Don’t even try putting your dick inside of “her” without greasing it up first. The entrance and entire tunnel are very tight so make sure to have your favorite lube handy and use it generously. Inside of Chloe, the tunnel is nicely textured to add stimulation, but the primary appeal here is the incredibly tight fit. In fact I wouldn’t suggest anyone with an average (or above) sized cock try it if you have any erectile problems because she might just squeeze the blood right out of your Johnson.

Chloe is a bit too heavy to just leave hanging on your dick, but the whole unit fits in your “stroking” hand if you want that kind of action. It also rests nicely on a flat surface. If you did standing, then you can fuck Chloe on a bathroom counter or any other approximately tall surface. The snug fit and pleasing material make for a very exciting experience and a fairly realistic fuck. A word of warning though, that hole in the end can create quite a mess if you happen to be a shooter. Cover it up or be ready for clean up aisle eight.

Clean up is pretty easy. Just run it under some warm water with a bit of toy cleaner. Because it is so tight, the potential for unwanted built up is there. Just make sure to clean it thoroughly and you should be fine.

Overall this is a very pleasant simulator. The color is kind of funny, but it feels great. If you like it tight or if you just want to feel huge, this is a great toy. And if the real Chloe is this tight, then I want to marry her!

Weaknesses: On the snug size even for an average guy.

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Easy, warm water and cleaner.

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