Rog Blog: August 22nd


Rog Blog: Aug 22
New Comic Site & Guest Notes
Some of you may remember the art work done by a friend of mine for my CafĂ© Press Store. The man behind those hot images, Boobden Dan now has his own web site. As the name would indicate, the site is packed with top-heavy cuties in various comic adventures. He has a couple of original stories going, several galleries and some other great features on the new site. There are also a couple of stories that go hand in hand with another friend of mine. Indigo’s Little White Slut stories are finally going to be up and for now they will only be available on Check it out and let him know what you think.
So I’ve been checking out this dude who says he killed little Jon Benet. My first thought is “wow, mother fucker is creepy.” My second thought was that he may very well have come up with a new international criminal defense strategy. I think if I’m ever in a foreign country and facing a long prison term (or worse) I’m going to follow his lead. If I get popped for something I’m finally going to confess to my darkest sin. Yes folks, I’m the one who killed Ron and Nicole. I hacked them up and after turning them into human Pez dispensers, I even planted all that blood at OJ’s place. He would have found me out, but I don’t golf on the same courses where he has been diligently trying to find the “real killer.” However, I will not take responsibility for Kato. That no talent prick stepped in all on his own. Some things are just to heinous to cop to.
In case you missed it, I finally to the Rob Black Interview up on the site. I’m pleased with how this one came out and it offers a lot of insight into the current legal situation with Extreme’s case. Rob is really honest about some mistakes in the past and I think there is an honesty here that people will find refreshing. With any luck, I will have an audio version of this interview ready to go when I get home from vacation.
I’m watching a baseball game the other day and they run a promo for the Comeback Player of the Year. It’s sponsored by….Viagra. OK, I can’t be the only one laughing at that. That little blue pill has been behind porn comebacks for years so it’s only right that they sponsor this award. For what it’s worth, I’d have to vote for Jim Thome. Who saw a year like this coming from him? Wow.
Guest Blog Update: OK, the countdown is on. Starting Friday this page will be taken over by some good friends. (I’ll still be updating the review page daily from vacation because I care that much.) Hopefully you will enjoy the views and stories from our guests and please give them feedback.
Friday: Tricia Devereaux/Evil Angel. I’m not sure what Tricia has in store for us, but we know it will be good. Perhaps we will hear from a few of the Evil Angel directors. Any news and notes from the Evil Empire will be great. I keep hoping she will grace us with a Rog Rules T-Shirt shot, but her words are going to have to suffice for this week.
Saturday: Ivan (from Ivan is a great director and a guy with a lot of interesting things to say about the industry. You won’t want to miss his day. And if you haven’t seen his movies, check them out. They are really good.
Sunday: Cindi Loftus: Cindi runs a great site called You can check her out daily there, but for one day she is going to bring her gifts to this site.
Monday: Kinzie Kenner Super hot Kinzie has some great stories to tell and hopefully will share some eye candy with us as well. Hopefully she will talk about the recently multiple-dude scene she shot for Robby D and Digital Playground.
Tuesday: April Storm/Pure Play. April is one of my best friends and she represents a whole lot of hot women. As Mama Tush she has lots of girls to talk about, but has plenty of great stories of her own. As one of the original Unsung Hotties, April has been a part of this site for a very long time, welcome her with open arms.
Tomorrow I’ll run down the rest of the guest bloggers.

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