Rog Blog: Eye Candy And Mailbag Monday


Rog Blog: August 21st
Big Mail Bag and Eye Candy Edition
Today I’m going to dip into the mailbag and hit quite a few eye candy links. I’m also going to give you a little background on the people who will be taking over this section of the site next week.
Mailbag #1
Chuck Writes:

Re: Brandy Taylor: If you would only recommend one which one would it be? Her best. I trust
your judgment. Thank you.

Rog Replies:

Brandy is a tough one. She is really pretty and has great tits, but her scenes are often really flat. There are a few scenes that stand out for me. If I had to pick just one it would be the one from Mike John’s Boobaholics Anonymous in part because it’s such a great movie overall. I would also recommend Bryan Xin’s Naturally Stacked, Nice Rack 12 and My First Porn 12. Those should give you a pretty good idea of what Brandy has done so far. We can only hope that she busts out like Gianna or Taylor St. Claire really soon.

Eye Candy Link #1:What could be better than starting the week with a hot link to a gallery featuring a smoking Thai Girl I really need to review this site ASAP. Wow.
Mailbag #2

Dave (or not) Writes:

“Director Manuel Ferrara brings his particular brand
of sexual cruelty to six of porn’s hottest young
This my friend is Evil Angel’s tag line for Manuel
Ferrara’s latest release titled “Evil Anal”.

Does misogyny know no bounds? I’ve not yet seen the
flick nor sought any reviews, simply due to complete
and total disinterest in a “particular brand of sexual

I don’t feel a love of porn should require abandoning
a certain sense of humanity.

Rog Replies:

Wow, where to start here. As you already know, cruelty isn’t my idea of great stroke material. My first reaction would be to look at this as a little bit if marketing. I wouldn’t categorize Manuel as someone who specializes in cruelty. He’s a pretty nice guy who seems to like women and that generally shows in his scenes. If that’s all it is, then it says something about the porn audience these days.

Perhaps this is what people want these days. I know that not everyone is looking for porn that is rough, cruel and misogynistic. Some people still flock to really well shot porn. Jenna Haze Darkside is a good example of that. So is the stuff that Lexington Steele is shooting. There’s a guy who could seriously damage women, but doesn’t need to go down that road. It isn’t even really Evil Angel’s style so there might be hope.

If it’s a rough sex movie, then fine. Everyone can shoot what they want. If you aren’t interested in that kind of sex (and I’m not) then avoiding it is the best way to show your displeasure. I’m sure I will review the movie when it comes and if it is all about sexual cruelty then I’ll treat it the way I’ve treated that stuff for years. I just hope that Manuel hasn’t decided to go with this kind of flick every time out. He’s better than that and Evil already has Belladonna and now Jake Malone to take care of that genre.
Personally I would rather see Manuel do his own thing and not just follow the trend. It’s easier to have girls fake gag and do scenes with no real heat. Maybe we have hit on something bigger here Dave. Good porn with real sexual heat….is HARD. It much easier to hire some Viagra cowboys, have them slap a girl around and talk enough shit to make the audience forget about the blank look in the girls face, the side show sex acts and the complete lack of heat that permeates much of what passes for porn today.
To be fair though, we haven’t seen the movie yet. Maybe it’s just a clever marketing gimmick so no one will know that Manuel is actually talented enough to shoot good stuff.

Eye Candy Link #2: Here’s a nice little reality porn site called You have to love the reality porn stuff. Very sexy.
Guest News/Blog Stuff: I am getting very close to having all of the days filled. Here is the lineup so far.

Friday 8/25 Tricia Devereaux/Evil Angel
Saturday 8/26 Ivan
Sunday 8/27 Cindi Loftus
Monday 8/28 Kinzie Kenner
Tuesday 8/29 April Storm/Pure Play
Wednesday 8/30 Savanna Switzer
Thursday 8/31 Kami Andrews (Possible. Kami may need to bow out.)
Friday 9/1 Jeff/IAFD
Saturday 9/2 Open Date (Aurora Snow, Cindy Crawford and DVSX have been contacted)
Sun 9/3 Monstar

Then I’m back. Hopefully you’ll all check out the site and listen to what these find people have to say. It should be a whole lot of fun.
Wow I’m on a roll. Three blog entries in three days. More to come tomorrow because I’ve just started the mail bag and we have to talk about that care package.

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