Talking Shop

Talking Shop

93 Mins
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: Stormy Daniels
THEMES: Couples Porn, Role Play, Three Way
STARS: Alektra Blue, Stormy Daniels, Bailey Blue, MacKenzee Pierce, Jessa Rhodes, Manuel Ferrara, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Marcus London, Barry Scott, Tyler Nixon,

Stormy Daniels has written and directed another nice little couples-friendly flick. She’s getting quite good at these and really hitting her stride. This story revolves around newlywed hair stylist Alektra Blue and her friends. She is happy with her new relationship and the passion it provides. Her co-workers all have tales of love gone sour and advice on how to keep it fresh. Their tales aren’t always happy, but they move us from scene to scene with a nice bit of variety. Alektra Blue stars in two scenes. The first is with her new man and it’s got a nice easy feel to it. It’s well shot and light. Later in the movie she has a flashback to a slightly harder encounter with Manuel. Both of them are well shot and pretty good. In between we get to watch Bailey Blue engage in a bit of role play with her guy. She looks good in this scene. Pretty young Jessa Rhodes tries to steal the show in her scene. She is really good looking and the set up is fun. The best scene comes from Stormy herself. She teams up with MacKenzee Pierce for a really hot three-way. Both of these busty babes look amazing and give plenty of fantasy fodder to the viewers. In the end, this is a nicely written movie with a good cast and solid scenes. Stormy’s biggest mistake overall might be under using the best weapon, herself. More of her would be great, but this is still a solid choice for those looking for well made, couples-friendly porn.

Alektra Blue & Aaron Wilcoxxx

Newlywed and constantly horny, Alektra Blue is going to be late for work, but she doesn’t care. She’s got her man there with some early morning wood and she is going to hope on that while she can. He works between her legs, fingering her wet pussy while licking her clit until Alektra can’t control her screams. The randy brunette rolls over onto her belly and sucks her man’s throbbing prick. There are some nice overhead shots that show off her body while she works it deep into her mouth. When they are both good and ready, she flips back over and pulls him into her. The overhead shots come into play again as she is shot from above with those great legs spread wide. She rolls over and squats on him, bouncing pretty hard. They give doggy a quick go and he pulls out to empty his balls all over her upturned ass.

Jessa Rhodes & Tyler Nixon

Though pool boy Tyler Nixon is in the sights of the owner of the salon, he looks right over her to get a good look at her step-daughter, Jessa Rhodes. She returns his advances and the two get busy at poolside. He helps her out of her bikini, showing off her pert little titties. Down to just her heels, she spreads her legs and guides his mouth to where she needs it most. The pretty young blonde curls up on a deck chair and slides her talented lips up and down his shaft. There are some nice shots of her pretty face She rises up onto all fours and pushes back on his dick until it’s all the way home. Nice hip work as Jessa gets on top and really works his pole. He turns her over and really enjoys the feel of that snug slit as it grips him on every stroke. Pulling out, he sprays a load all over that tight tummy.

Bailey Blue & Barry Scott

One of Alektra’s co-workers gives her some advice on keeping a relationship fresh. Turns out that role playing may be the key. Bailey and Barry play a little horror movie scenario out to make things happen. She comes in wearing a mask, but they give that up quickly and just get down to business. The pretty blonde has her hair in a pony tail as she gets to work sucking that dick. Good looking head followed by shots of her legs spread wide in just boots while he laps away. Facing the camera, Bailey bounces happily on the dick. The role play may have gotten the ball rolling, but by now these two are just totally digging each other. He pulls off his rubber and leaves his cream all over her well-fucked pussy.

Stormy Daniels, MacKenzee Pierce & Marcus London

Role play is fine, but Stormy goes one step further to keep her man interested. She hires an escort and then adds herself as the gorgeous cherry on top of this sexual sundae. Marcus and MacKenzee go right for the goods, each one taking a breast and sucking away. Stormy starts eating MacKenzee while Marcus licks his woman from behind. Everyone seems to be connecting well and the eye candy is certainly high. The women share his cock, passing it back and forth between their hungry mouths. Nice shots from above again. I love the eye contact from Stormy as she teases the head of his dick with her tongue. Marcus takes the brunette from behind, leaving her to lick his beautiful wife while he enjoys some from in doggy. It’s certainly nice of her to let him have a little variety, but Stormy wants some cock too. He takes her from behind as well, holding onto her hips and really working her pussy. Marcus pulls out and shoots all over her pretty ass.

Alektra Blue & Manuel Ferrara

Flashing back to a previous fling, Alektra remembers a night she spent after hours with fellow stylist Manuel Ferrara. He puts her in the chair and works his mouth down her body and camps out between her legs for a while. She gets down on the floor and he fucks her face pretty hard. She handles this pretty well and then ends up bent over for some doggy. The blowjob was the highlight of the scene, but the big smile on her face as she gets stuffed is rather appealing as well. Alektra rides high on the big cock and makes the most of every inch. They get into spoon and it’s hard not to chuckle at her footwear. I’m sure they look great with clothes, but with her naked as she is, they just look clunky and absurd. She strokes his load onto her face. Looks like her sexual past, present and future are filled with fun and lust.

Bonus: 3 Bonus Scenes (Jessa Rhodes, Stormy Daniels and Alektra Blue), Photo Gallery, Trailers, Promo Reel

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