Tale of the Dancing Bear 12


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Dancing Bear 12

133 Mins
Morally Corrupt
THEMES: Strippers, Public Sex, Interracial Sex

This series has been pretty consistent from the start. It follows a pattern and fans know what to expect. Up until now that is. This seems to be a different crew of dancers, different guys behind the camera and a different vibe. The first scene features a long fuck scene. We have seen some chicks fuck the strippers before, but this seems more like a separate scene. In the second scene features a couple of girls going into a back room to do topless interviews and solo scenes. None of this is bad, but it’s an odd shift for a series that generally features great stripper and public sex action. The girls aren’t even this hot in this one. Hopefully things get better with the next DVD because this is the first time I have recommended passing on a Dancing Bear DVD.

There is Sex in the VIP Room

Right out of the gate the girls at this club get a look at Rick the Dick, a muscular black man with big flopping dick and a mask hiding his face. He works that meat around the row of onlookers and makes it wiggle in their faces. It grows a bit while he gives one of girls a ride around the room on his shoulders. A rather pretty girl in a purple sleeveless blouse tries sucking on it, but Rick is having some serious wood issues. Another girl finally gets him to grow a bit with her mouth. All of the girls are shouting “make him cum” over and over which could really be good JO encouragement material. Of course it takes him forever even with this cute sucking the head and power stroking that long black tool. It takes him nearly ten minutes of this to finally jerk his load into her mouth. When he does, she happily sucks it up though and that’s pretty hot.

The next guys come out two at a time. Both wear shades and the black dude looks way too much like Huggie Bear” not to laugh just a little. They set up a race between two girls who have to eat a line of whipped cream off strippers’ chests. The girl in purple wins the race and quickly makes her stripper’s fat cock explode in her mouth. When the actual bear comes out, the girls go crazy. It’s furry lap dances all around and these babes are thrilled. Both the Bear and his trainer run around the room humping the girls and trying to get their dicks hard. Another guy comes out with a towel that he uses to partially shield the girls from their friends’ eyes while they suck whipped cream from his cock. There is another stripper with a big cock that more than fills the mouth of a cute Latina who really seems to be enjoying herself. She eventually pulls hi aside and slips a condom on his big dick. This is a pretty good scene with a few of her friends peeking in while she bends over and gets slammed from behind. There are plenty of close up shots of her little fuck hole as the stripper makes this slightly pudgy babe smile from ear to ear. He leaves his big load all over her pretty pussy.

Things are still going on in the main room as well. One of the girls is sucking off a stripper with a whole lot of chicks watching. It seems like fewer women are sucking cock in this one, but our second girl gets fucked so I guess that’s a new twist. He pulls out and shoots his cream all over her ass crack.

The Bear in the House

The next party opens with a caped black stripper taking the room by storm. He thrusts his junk at women who seem to enjoy squeezing it in its soft state. Some of them are willing to lose their tops to give him something hot to look at while he stiffens. One such girl gets a nice load on her pretty young boobs. The second guy gets his dick sucked by a real cutie while her friends scream encouragement behind him. He ends up giving this girl his load in her hand and then she sits there like she has no clue what to do with it. Rick the Dick comes out next and they love his body and masked mysteriousness. We end up in a back room with a pretty girl who shows off her tits and talks to the guy behind the camera. This is a very different move for this series. It feels more like Girls Gone Wild than Dancing Bear, but she’s a cutie so we can just go with it. She eventually masturbates for the camera and gets herself very wet. Hot, but it feels totally out of place. Back in the main room a gold mini-skirted slut is downing a strippers dangling dong. We leave that fun though and interview another girl in the back room. This one is a huge titted brunette who happily wears the MILF badge of honor. Back in the main room a pretty girl gets a super huge facial from the trainer while another girl is busy slowly sucking on a thick dick. She eventually has him dribble into her mouth and lets it run down her lips. Very odd finish to a scene that really doesn’t fit.

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