Born Flirty

Born Flirty


140 Mins
DIRECTOR: Ryan Madison
THEMES: Teens, Eye Candy, Skaters, Bondage, Big Cocks, Multi Cum Shots
STARS: Riley Reid, Remy La Croix, Melanie Rios, Ariana Fox,


This is the latest creation from Ryan Madison. The guy who helped give us and a is taking another turn with fresh faces and tight bodies. The focus here is on pretty girls, eye candy and good sex. Doing it without his better (and bigger, at least in the chest) half, Ryan enjoys these sweet teens. The four babes are definitely cute. Ryan sports a pretty big cock so they also have to be prepared for a good hard fucking. Most of the best shots come from sweet teen faces and bodies, but there is a little light bondage fun at play as well. Riley Reid is up first and she is the best reason to watch this (or just about any) movie. She is cute, takes the cock perfectly and never seems to get enough. Remy La Croix looks fantastic in this scene. I really liked her scene. Melanie Rios provides the light bondage. She is very very cute and takes it really well. Brining up the rear is Ariana Fox who does some fun little role play before. Her turn as a skater chick is very appealing. Overall the action is well shot and the sex is pretty good. It’s better as teen eye candy than hardcore gonzo, but I imagine that will suit most of you just fine.

Riley Reid

Pretty little Riley knows how to tease. She looks lovely in an extended bit of panty play before she takes off her top and lets the pool boy know exactly what she wants from him. Ryan joins her and the two hook up for a very hot, tongue-heavy kiss. He mounds up and she tries to get his pants off while they make out, but he manages to slip down between her thighs to taste her sweet hole first. He gets it wet enough to slip into her tight pussy. It’s a snug fit, but the pretty teen holds on tight and pulls him in closer on every stroke, This is a very pretty scene with some deep action as Riley proves she can take a lot of cock. Things get really pretty when she turns around, lies on her belly and sucks his cock. The way she looks up at him with those pretty eyes is just amazing. This is the highlight of a great scene, but the energetic fucking also shows off her lovely body. Ryan pulls out and shoots some of his first load on her tits while hitting her mouth with most of it. The second follows soon after and ends up all over her belly.

Remy La Croix

Remy’s tease footage includes her doing Hula Hoop in some denim shorts and nothing else. If that doesn’t make you stand up and take notice, then you’re watching the wrong movie. Ryan shows up and joins her in bed where Remy is now sporting a cute little pink number that can be pulled aside for access to her holes. She takes his big cock in her mouth and jerks him off while she licks his balls. He turns her around and grabs her pretty ass while fucking her from behind. For eye candy, watch the way she pulls her legs up to her chest and lets him slam away. That’s super hot shit. Ryan rolls her over and they spread she cheeks so she can take a thumb back there while he works her teenage twat. I love the way she works her ass back on his cock, jerking him off with her pussy with just a flick of her hips. He shoots a load all over her face and shoulders and then continues to pound her tight hole until he gives her another load on her tummy.

Melanie Rios

Pretty little Melanie is all tied up and ready for fun. Ryan teases her tits and works his way down her sexy body as she writhes helplessly. He pushes her legs up and starts fucking her. She cries out with desire and looks right into his eyes while he fucks her with long, slow strokes. Her body is really good looking and the eye candy is every bit as noticeable as the great energy she gives off. Melanie gets untied and sucks on his big cock, stroking it in both hands and gagging as the head hits the back of her throat. Great shots of her face as she repeatedly forces his dick down and slaps herself in the face with it. She is on her back after a hard fuck when he pulls out and just paints that pretty face with a huge load of cock cream. The second load comes before the first can even begin to dry. Very cute girl adding to an already impressive collection.

Ariana Fox

Sexy skater babe Ariana plays outside on her board hoping to catch Ryan’s attention. After skating for a while she takes a fall and makes herself as sexy as possible when he offers to help clean her up. He gets an eyeful of her hot body and she grabs his cock. The sexy little teen sucks some outside. They stay outside as she stands her up and bangs her from behind. They are acrobatic for a while and then head inside where he puts some lotion on her body. Fun play here, but he has a big cock for her tight little hole. The sexy little thing squats on him and moans out loudly as she impales herself. The lighting is a little spotty in here thanks to some harsh sunlight. That doesn’t stop the action from being great though. Her body is really nice looking and when se gets into reverse cowgirl to swallow that thing up with her pussy, you are going wish you could dive right through the screen and get some. Ariana puts her hands to work, stroking his dick and sucking the head like she is intent on draining every last drop. He flips her over and gives her a big face full of sticky cum.

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