Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom


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Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom

MOVIE TYPE: Celebrity Sex Tape
67 Mins
THEMES: Celebrity Sex Tapes, Anal Sex, Fake Boobs, POV
STARS: Farrah Abraham, James Deen

This latest Vivid celebrity tape has some serious buzz behind it. It’s been a long time since we have seen any sort of crossover appeal on one of these. Farrah Abraham is a reality TV hottie who is famous for getting knocked up too young. She’s stayed famous for being a hot party girl and now for doing a sex tape. Sound like someone else we know? Let’s hope that Farrah doesn’t become the sort of social parasite that Kim K is. Editorializing aside, Farrah does some things in this movie that we haven’t seen in other celebrity jaunts. Seriously, this girl not only takes it in the ass, she begs for it. It’s porno quality fucking from a mainstream TV personality. James Deen is the lucky guys dishing out the dick. He does so with great energy and quite a bit of skill. Because this was a rather well planned celebrity tape, the lighting is outstanding and the camerawork is pretty great. (That’s because she’s fucking a porn star with some skills instead of some half-wit wanna-be hip hop star who wouldn’t know a camera from the head up his ass even though it’s his own.) Farrah looks really good. She’s pretty, young, tight and nicely built. She could easily be a hot new porn girl even without her mainstream fame. The sex scene is hot, well shot and totally worth watching even if you have no idea who this teen mom is. So this is another must-see celeb tape. Farrah is one of the hotter stars in the genre. She is one of the prettiest and definitely one of the dirtiest girls we have seen. The action is very shoot and it is perhaps the best “porn” we have seen shot in any celebrity tape. (It reminds me of the Montana Fishburne tape in that way.) I liked this one a lot and if this teen mom wants to fully cross over I think the porn world will happily welcome this backdoor babe with open arms.

Any idea that this was just filmed for fun should be dispelled during the opening seconds of fun. Farrah is totally made up and trying on underwear. She is also in front of a huge window which should totally burn out any video if not for a carefully balanced camera. Anyway, James follows her upstairs and helps her change clothes. That gives us a chance to really enjoy her lovely body. She has some firm fake tits, skinny legs and a little slutlet ass. As soon as she gets a chance, she pulls his cock out and starts sucking it. Since James actually knows how to hold a camera, the BJ is already a hundred times better than that Kim K tape. (Damn you Ray J.) Still the blowjob is a little too short because she is so eager to lube his “huge dick” up and put it into her pussy.

James gets between her legs and after a few strokes Farrah is talking dirty. She wants him to fuck her harder and when she opens up for the camera and gets her clit rubbed, she can’t help but tell him how good he is. He pushes her legs back over her head and she turns in a very energetic performance. James turns her ass to the camera and fucks her from behind while slipping his thumb into her butthole. She asks him to fuck her ass and he does. Slowly at first, with the head barely pushing past that tight opening. Nice looking anal sex and continued dirty talk from this naughty little slut. They move the camera around to her face which is interesting. The way she keeps saying “dick in my ass” is pretty sexy and very out of the norm for celebrity sex tapes. The standing anal against the way is really good. Watching her take it in the ass like this makes me wonder how she ended up as a teen mom at all. All she had to do was keep him in the booty hole. He pulls her on top him on the bed and they go back to the pussy. Farrah rides it hard and collapses after cumming on his dick. They take a little break and then get into some spoon. James goes right at her again, in doggy now with full strokes as she pants and moans about cumming again. Dropping to the floor she takes a big shot on her face and in her mouth. Farrah sucks out every drop and proves that she is more pornstar than celebrity when it comes to proper popshot procedure.

After the sex we watch Farrah shower off then spend some time with her in a limo. To make it a fun ride she fingers her pussy. James adds his fingers until they have six in her. As luck would have it, she brought along her toys for the ride so she can fuck herself during the ride. James keeps the camera down low to get the action while Farrah loves her pussy right. She even plays with her ass on her own and talks about how it might be fun to have a second guy come to DP her. Too bad James doesn’t jump in there for some road head from this horny little would-be celebrity.

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