Bridesmaids (Blu-Ray)

Bridesmaids (Blu-Ray)
161 Mins
THEMES: Brides, Comedy, Bridesmaids, Blondes
STARS: Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Alyssa Branch, Brooklyn Lee, Vicky Chase, Bill Bailey, James Deen, Danny Mountain, Derrick Pierce, Johnny Sins, Erik Everhard, Giovanni Francisco


Robby D and Digital Playground come together once again for a big feature. This time they take on bridesmaids. It’s not a parody of the mainstream movie, but rather a pretty good feature with some laughs and a great cast. Alyssa Branch is getting married and her two best friends, Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross are competing to be her maid of honor. The two blonde bombshells take it to heart and really go all out. Along the way, their collection of friends gets in on the fun. Stoya and Brooklyn Lee both have great scenes. Stoya nails James Deen and gives up her sexy ass to give us something special. Brooklyn is cock crazy as ever. She’s just always so much fun to watch. Both of these scenes ad a lot of heat to the mix. Both could use a little more bridesmaids dress action. Vicky Chase is a side character, but turns in a really hot scene to open the movie. Alyssa herself gets one scene and it’s pretty good. The stars of the movie are Kayden and Jesse. They share a big four-way scene that is the highlight of the movie. Wtching them fuck guys with one eye on each other is super hot. It’s part competition, part blistering hot sex scene and all fantastic. They also help make the big reverse gang bang very special. Overall this works as a solid feature. It has a good story, a few laughs and good sex. I think that some more bridal play could have made it hotter, but that’s why I’m the critic and Robby D is the director.

Vicky Chase & Bill Bailey

Jesse and Stoya have a bet regarding Vicki and her stats as a current or reformed slut. They get their answer when she leaves her boyfriend at the counter and slips She can’t keep her lips off of his and he just can’t wait to check out what she’s got going on under her little skirt. She takes his cock deep into her mouth during an all too short blowjob. Bill bends her over for a quick fuck then takes a break for just long enough to eat her lovely little pussy. I love the shots of her spread wide on the counter before he scoops her up and fucks her face to face. The sexy little Latina screams her way through some hot standing sex in a kitchen that is oddly empty despite it being lunch time at a busy restaurant. This kinky babe stops him before he can cum in her. Instead she holds a plate under his prick while she jerks him off. Someone is going to get a big surprise.

Kayden Kross & Derrick Pierce and Jesse Jane & Erik Everhard

The dueling best friends can’t give their rivalry a rest even at the gym. A simple workout turns into something of a competition for the affections of Erik and Derrick. Both girls score though and get simultaneous gym boffs. Kayden gets lifted onto her shoulders in the middle of the ring for pussy eating. Jesse stays on her back, but wraps her thighs tightly around Erik’s head while he licks her up and down. Keeping one eye on each other, the blondes do battle with their mouths. Jesse sucks Erik’s fat cock with ease while Kayden has to do quite a bit of work to get Derrick up and ready. Jesse looks fantastic on her knees while Kayden is a bit more laid back as the oral action progresses. Derrick moves first to fuck. He bends Kayden over and enjoys her in doggy. Great looking doggy thanks to her lovely body. Erik has Jesse flipped over in piledriver and then slams her hard from above. I love the enthusiasm at play here, especially watching Jesse bounce in reverse cowgirl like she is trying to slam him through the floor. AT one point Erik hangs her up on the ropes and fucks her. Kayden gets a shot on her pretty face while Jesse takes it on her pussy. Fear not, she cleans it up like a good girl.

Stoya & James Deen

At the dress fitting, Stoya and James get re-acquainted. While the others look at dresses, she is bent over with his cock in her pussy. (In a wedding gown for good measure.) She flips over and spreads her legs while he plays with her clit. Some tongue in the ass action has her unable to sit still as he turns up the heat. Great connection here as they can’t stop staring at each other during the scene. The dress adds a nice wrinkle as she gets on top in reverse cowgirl and enjoys a reach-around. They throw in a little anal before finishing with hard doggy and a great load on her face. Stoya happily sucks up every drop, completing yet another memorable scene form this super sexy woman.

Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Brooklyn Lee & Johnny Sins

The bachelorette party is a huge hit and when Johnny tries to collect his money at the end of the night, Jesse and her friends want some extra. The girls strip hi out of his pants and start sucking his cock. Good thing he has enough to go around. This is the kind of scene that is fun to watch, but you know it’s even more fun to be there feeling all of those hungry mouths and talented hands. The girls also team up to please each other which can be a whole lot of fun. Kayden spreads herself and rides the cock while Jesse is busy eating Stoya. Brooklyn Lee makes her presence known with some loud and enthusiastic fucking. Johnny gets to fuck all of them and saves some extra hard strokes for Jesse who once again fucks like her pussy is on fire and she needs to break a cock off inside of her to put it out. When it’s finally time to pull out and shoot his load, Jonny gives the girls plenty to pass around during their sticky kisses.

Alyssa Branch & Giovanni Francisco

With her whole wedding party in jail Alyssa runs home to her man. He comfort her and then gets her naked (Cuz like, this a porno.) They kiss and slowly undress stopping along the way to turn up the heat. He sucks on her tiny tits and then moves down to her pussy. Alyssa looks a bit like a young Aurora Snow and does a pretty nice job with his cock in her mouth. Moving on top, she gets fucked in reverse cowgirl while showing off a big full bush. This one is more of a low impact fuck, but it looks good from an eye candy perspective, especially in the doggy which is where they end up as he shoots his load all over her butt.

Brooklyn Lee & Danny Mountain

As luck would have it, Brooklyn is dating a cop. She drags him away from the cell and he can’t keep his hands off of her. I love the way she keeps trying to explain her situation even as she is sucking his cock. Brooklyn gives fantastic head and gets herself really messy while making him disappear into her mouth. She went to jail in her bridesmaids dress so we get to watch it fall to the floor so he can fuck her. This one is short and sweet, but shows off her body nicely. Brooklyn has perky boobs, a really nice ass and shows that she can be as vocal as anyone as she fucks him and earns a shot on her little bush.

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