I Am Asa Akira

I Am Asa Akira

Pornstar Empire
THEMES: Asa, Asian Girls, Solo, Lesbian Sex, Phone Sex, Anal Sex, Interracial Sex.
STARS: Asa Akira, Marie Luv, Shyla Stylez, Rocco Reed, Keni Styles, Mr. Marcus


Pornstar Empire presents the hottest girl in all of porn. Asa Akira fills this DVD from start to finish with her intensity and beauty. In solo, girl/girl and boy action, Asa stands out. She’s perfect from head to toe and carries any kind of scene you can put her in. Her two lesbian scenes in this movie are very hot. Paired first with Shyla Stylez, Asa keeps up with the busty blonde lick for lick. I love the eye candy in this one. Later she teams up with Marie Luv for a scene that is pure energy. Asa enjoys hot solo play in two separate scenes. Both are good, but the second scene brings in some fun phone sex play that makes it stand out. Very creative and totally sexy. The two boy/girl scenes really stand out. Asa and Rocco generate a huge amount of heat together. They connect and she looks great while she uses his cock to please her hot pussy. Keni Style hooks up with her later for an even hotter tryst. Great energy between Asa and Keni in a scene that includes great anal action. There is a hot interracial bonus fuck with Mr. Marcus as well. Obviously you will like this a lot more if you already dig Asa as I do. If you do, add this to your collection. If you don’t, you will before the movie is over. She is Asa and we love her.

Asa Akira & Rocco Reed

Rocco and Asa are just kicking back on the couch, half naked and making out. Not a bad way to spend your time for sure. She looks stunning draped all over him and opens her hungry mouth to take him inside. I love the hand action she uses as she gets him ready. As soon as her pussy slides over his cock, Asa starts screaming and working her hips to take in every inch. Rolling over she pulls her knees up to her chest and keeps the intensity high with every stroke. Great looking doggy as she looks back over her shoulder and pleads for more from him. Rocco dishes it out well and the Asian beauty dutifully licks him clean between each position. He pounds her hard from below and then feeds her a load. Asa takes it in her mouth, spits it into her hands and then sucks it up before swallowing like the perfect dream girl she is.

Asa Akira & Shyla Stylez

Taking a break from dick, Asa dives onto the couch with busty blonde Shyla for a battle of the superstars. She works her way down Shyla’s body, stopping between her legs for a meal. Asa eats the pussy, but really seems intent on giving her ass a thorough tongue bath. Thee girls really seem to enjoy one another and Shyla can’t wait to get a taste of Asa’s sweet nectar. They kiss and rub tits for a while before Shyla mounts up for some serious pussy grinding. I love the sexual energy here as well as the eye candy. Asa straddles for 69 and Shyla gets her nose up the sexy starlet’s asshole while licking that sweet pussy.

Asa Akira

Taking a little break, Asa strips out her tank top and tight gray shorts for our viewing pleasure. You guys already know that I think the world of this woman so I’m totally enthralled just watching her get naked. Once she gets the clothes off she sits in a director’s chair, spreads her legs and starts rubbing her wet pussy. Rolling her hips to the side, she slides fingers into both holes until she cums all over herself. For good measure, she licks them clean and smiles for us.

Asa Akira & Marie Luv

Back to girl on girl fun we go. This time Asa has the always sexy Marie Luv in for some hot interracial lesbianism. Asa starts slowly, licking Marie’s pussy until her friend is nearly speechless. Marie actually screams at one point, loving the way Asa works her over. They switch places and Marie’s tongue is in overdrive even as she works the nipples. By the time she gets into that tight Asian twat Marie is feeding at full speed and all Asa can do is thrown her head back and cry out in approval. Great finger play and some pussy grinding as both women show off their bodies. Watching Marie cum, shaking from head to toe as she does, is quite a treat.

Asa Akira

Alone in a phone booth, Asa talks her man and quickly gets overheated. She sits down and lets her fingers slide into her wet hole while the puts a heeled foot up on the wall. The dirty talk is great as she has phone sex with him. Nice close up shots of her spread legs and snug slit as she cums around her fingers. The solo looks great and adding the dirty talk element just makes it that much better. After cumming hard, she collects herself and exits the phone booth like nothing happened.

Asa Akira & Keni Styles

Against an all white background, Asa starts sucking Keni into her talented mouth. They quickly get into 69 and she loudly chokes on his fat prick, drooling on it while he eats her pretty pussy. He pulls her on top and we watch as Asa arches her back to accommodate every inch of dick he can give her. Keni reaches around and plays with her asshole while kissing the pretty Asian siren. Pushing her legs back over her head he gets a shot at that tight ass and doesn’t waste it. Keni rams his dick into Asa hard and deep. She loves it and isn’t all afraid to tell him. Great close up shots to along with the fantastic longer angles with her legs flailing about in the air. After a great hard ass fuck she shoves four fingers into her twat while he paints her ass with his load. This one should make sure that every ball in the audience is properly drained.

Bonus: Bonus Scene (Asa Akira & Mr. Marcus), BTS, Photo Gallery, Trailers


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