Nick Hawk: Gigolo Hawk Enhancer (Reviewed by Indigo)

Nick Hawk: Gigolo Hawk Enhancer (Reviewed by Indigo)

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Overall Rating: C

Type of Toy: Enhancer Ring

Bottom Line: Dangly Balls


Price: $18.99 at

Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties (www/


I have a good bit of experience using toys to enhance my sex play and yet I didn’t quite get this toy. It’s a short ribbed penis enhancer that you’d place at the base of the penis, and a stretchy ring for around the balls. The ball ring has several plastic dangly balls hanging from it. The little balls sway to and fro, and I’m not sure what they are supposed to do. Decorate your package with fringe? Tickle you and your partner’s thighs as you get your fuck on? Entertain your cat while your man does his best Chippendale’s routine? Either way, I don’t think those dangly balls are either effective or worthwhile.

The penis enhancer part could be quite useful if you’ve got a thin cock and want to provide a little more oomph to your partner at the end of your stoke. Since I was lucky enough to be doing my testing on a man with a thick cock, it really didn’t add much to the experience. Instead it just choked off the base of his cock, and didn’t really provide me with any extra entertainment. I do see that they make a version of this toy with a vibrator that attaches to the cock ring part (the vibrating hawk enhancer). This might make things a little more interesting for the “little man in the boat” (clitoris) and I’m always for that.

As it is, this seems like a toy that is trying a little too hard. It’s good for people looking for some girth, but if you are as lucky as I was on that day, then there are better ways to enhance the fun.

Batteries Needed: None

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