Rog Blog: August 8


Rog Blog: August 8

Guest Host Update, a Few Gripes and Stupid Ass Dixie Chicks

Just a few quick things today. Got a few mini-rants going and then an update on the guest review/blog hosts for later in the month.

Camera Movement: What the fuck is up with everyone trying for the “no cut” sex scenes these days? I’m a huge fan of the style personally, but like anything it has to be done right to be worth a dam. Back in the day every sex scene looked alike and it was often because of a standard two-camera, same-edit style. It worked, but when guys like Jules Jordan and Mike John started moving from one shot to another without an edit, the porn world took notice. They weren’t the first to use this of course. Gonzo directors like Stagliano and Seymore had been doing it for a long time. It was still new enough to really take sex on camera to a new level.

Like everything else in porn, this style was copied. The problem is that not everyone can pull this off. Apparently some directors forgot a step. You can’t just pick up a camera and BE Jules Jordan. You have to have the talent to pull this stuff of. When you don’t, then your movies end looking like crap and you look like an assclown. Just this week I reviewed Dingo: When Big Just Ain’t Enough 2 from Justin Slayer. I haven’t seen camerawork this bad in a very long time. It isn’t that Slayer doesn’t know how to make movies. We could almost excuse this stuff in amateur productions. The fact that he is a big name director working for the best porn company on the planet makes the problem even more noticeable.

Slayer certainly isn’t the only guy who does it. I want to know two things. First, am I the only person who finds this kind of camerawork completely annoying and intolerable? Second, don’t these directors realize that we can see what they are doing? They are ripping off more successful people and they are doing a piss poor job.

Male Pattern Bitching: I was checking out a little on-line spat between a guest blogger and a male performer. Without stepping in between the two of them I couldn’t help but wonder if this is part of something bigger. Over the years I have collected a nice sized pile of hate mail, but some of the most extreme have come from male talent. Everyone has a right to defend themselves and we all know that there are some harsh things said in reviews and on chat boards. I’m just starting to wonder if some of these guys feel entitled to star treatment and expect to be treated with kid gloves. I always try very hard not to make personally disparaging remarks about any performer or director. At the same time I am brutally honest about what I see. Sometimes that ruffles feathers. At least I know now that I’m not the only one.

Dixie Chicks…Again: So now the biggest whiners in music are taking shots at Mel Gibson. I don’t know where to start. Ladies, you spoke your minds in an unpopular manner, got slapped by your fans and have spent the last three years whining about it as a “First Amendment” issue. Mel got drunk and made an ass of himself. You don’t like that he’s going to rehab? Too bad there isn’t a 12-Step program for self-pitying blowhards who bite the hands that feed them. For those of you frantically typing away, back off. I have NO problem with what the Dixie Chicks said originally. They have every right to criticize the President, his policies or anything they want. What makes me sick about these twits is the way they ran from their own words and bitched about the reaction. Pardon me ladies, but I deal with First Amendment attacks every day. What happened to you is NOT a First Amendment issue. No matter how many times you wrap yourself in the Constitution you can’t change that simple fact. Remember the First Amendment begins with this key phrase “Congress shall pass no law….” No one threw these DC’s in jail for what they said. No one took away their freedom. So how the hell can they run around crying foul? The people who buy their CDs didn’t like what they said and reacted. That shit happens when you speak your mind. Deal with it. Blah, this is already more words than these nitwits deserve. Obviously that one week sales spike they got when their latest CD came out is over so they are back to their old tricks. Now that the “Hate Bush” crowd has shelled out their cash for your CD they want you to go away too. You’ve managed to piss on the only people who wanted to hear your music. Nice work ladies. You managed to handed the “courageous” label for speaking your mind and then bitching about it for year. Since you’ve now shown that the only card you have left in your hand is the whine card can we finally say Good-Bye Dixie Chicks? Maybe if we are really lucky we can get Madonna to nail THEM to a cross during her next show. (Assuming Natalie can stop nailing herself to one long enough to let that happen.)

Guest News/Blog Hosts: As you may have read, I am going to be turning the news/blog page over to guest hosts while I’m vacation later this month. So far I have booked three people to take over. Kinzie Kenner, Kami Andrews and that man behind the IAFD, Jeff will be filling in at the Casa de Rog for a day. If you have any questions for any of them or any topics you want them to cover, speak up now. (Take advantage of this people.) I’ve also got at least four more days still open. (Someone email Mika Tan and see if she wants to spend the day talking about my insane lust for her.) If you want to drive the bus for a day, speak up.

On the IPod: Counting Crows- Long December. I’m a sucker for NaNaNa’s so this song has an in. It’s also one of those self-reflective songs that always seems to play best with a cold rain falling outside or the sun going down. It reminds me of times in my life that were not so great. I’ve always found the line “The smell of hospitals in winter and the feeling that it’s all a lot of oysters but no pearls.” to be especially beautiful in that regard. In the end though there is hope (At least I see it as hope) in this line. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen the ocean/I guess I should
Daily News Guest Host: Kinzie, Jeff, Kami

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