Mandingo Massacre 7

Mandingo Massacre 7

140 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cock
STARS: Mandingo, Sheena Shaw, Lisa Ann, Riley Reid, Gabriella Paltrova, Jayden Jaymes


Jules Jordan brings us another five scenes of massive Mandingo massacre-age in this latest edition of his award-winning series. The girls can’t wait to get their hands, lips and other body parts on his massive tool. This movie delivers hot girls, great interracial sex and one of the biggest dicks in the biz. What more could you want? More on the girls probably. All five give us something good. Sheena Shaw has long legs, a great ass and is super anxious to take on the Dingo dong. The toy play leading up to her scene is really hot. Once she gets the chance to try the real thing, Sheena proves to be energetic and quite talented. Lisa Ann is well established as one of the finest performers in the business. She squares off with Mandingo and takes every inch of that throbbing pole. She even takes him in the ass which is quite a sight to behold. This one is a keeper. Riley Reid is painfully cute and looks way too tiny to take that huge thing. Her little schoolgirl uniform is adorable and there is some funny condom play. More on that might have been nice, but watching Mandingo skewer her tiny holes. Gabriella Paltrova is new to me and pretty amazing in her performance. She handles it really well and I can’t wait to see more. Jayden Jaymes is the final girl to try the dingo dong and she loves it. Very hot footage as she goes after it full speed ahead. This is another great collection of super-sized interracial sex with Mandingo fucking these girls silly.

Sheena Shaw & Mandingo

Leggy blonde Sheena Shaw is rocking the fishnets and platform heels. We get to watch her strut around a bit and shake her ass while she waits for her co-star to arrive. As she teases she talks about the big cock about to invade her body. If Sheena is intimidated, she doesn’t show it. Great ass tease as Jules follows her around and gets right in close on her jiggling cheeks. To help get her ready, she sticks a fat toy in her butt and stretches that hole. Mandingo finally shows and she turns around quickly to try that huge thing in her hungry mouth. Taking it in both hands, she has way more than she can handle, but smiles anyway. She gets the tip really wet and then bends over to take that monster right up her ass. Sheena’s body looks great, but it is the way she pushes hard back against that big dick that really captures the imagination. Mandingo grabs her by the ass and pumps hard on that ass. Sheena sings his praises and takes enough cock to split more girls in two with a big lusty smile. It only goes about halfway in there, but she earns huge points for getting that much meat in the backdoor. Turning around, she sits in his lap and drops that ass down while looking over her shoulder. Great footage here, really fucking fantastic. He finally shoots a big load in her mouth that Sheena plays with on her lips as she smiles up at the camera. Job well done young lady.

Lisa Ann & Mandingo

Its’ time for the clash of the titans as Lisa Ann struts in wearing a trench coat in preparation for her scene with Mandingo. He is already waiting so she sheds the coat and shoves a big tit right into his mouth. They kiss and he gives her big meaty ass a good solid squeeze. His cock is huge in her hands as she moves her mouth into position to properly worship it. With one hand on his pole and the other in her pussy, she gets everyone all juiced up and ready. Lisa Ann leans back and spreads her legs. Her boots come to just about her knees and his cock penetrates up to her about her esophagus. Moving on top, she holds him in one hand while guiding his long prick deep into her hot pussy. Once impaled. Lisa Ann spreads her big cheeks and slams her hips down on his. He flips her into spoon and pushes that cock right up her ass. That’s a lot of cock, but she takes it like a champ. Nice close up shots of the action as he works it in and out of her backdoor. This is a perfectly shot scene that ends with Lisa Ann on her knees sucking the load out and then cleaning up his cock before kissing it good bye, for now.

Riley Reid & Mandingo

Little Riley’s parents aren’t home so she puts on her sluttiest schoolgirl/stripper outfit and offers her tight white body to Mandingo. She leads him upstairs, showing off her cute little butt along the way. Riley takes out a condom so she can be a “good little slut” but of course it is way too small and breaks when she tries to put it on. On no, what will she do? Go bareback of course. He doesn’t mind at all as she licks up and down, singing his praises. Riley uses both hands and delivers a very sloppy blowjob with plenty of eye candy offered by her pretty face and cute little schoolgirl uniform. She finally saddles up and slides her tight pussy down over the full length of that thing. Check out the enthusiasm little Riley shows. It isn’t an easy fit, but she gets going at full speed and even throws a little hot talk our way. After stuffing it back into her mouth for a minute, she turns around to face him, dropping down again while showing off her adorable booty. On her back with her legs in the air, she takes his deep strokes. If going bare scares her at all, she doesn’t show it. The last scene was fantastic, but Riley shows that she can hang with any girl in porn. They could have used the whole condom thing to play around with a cumshot, but she gets down on her knees and takes the load on her face.

Gabriella Paltrova & Mandingo

Despite her very exotic name, this little brunette is just an all America girl with a severe hunger for big cock. We get to watch her butt sticking out of her cute little outfit as she struts around waiting for Mandingo. When Mandingo does show up, she grabs his cock and sucks it like she’s never tasted anything so great. She is playful at first, but gives lots of eye contact as she buckles down and seriously sucks that huge cock. They move inside where she gets on all fours and lets him slide that cock gently into her tight little pussy. He gives her quick, short strokes that seem to really get her going. Slowly getting used to the site she hops on and works her hips to let more and more dick penetrate her hot young body. She rolls over and lets him try her little ass. This is clearly a challenge, but she takes it anyway, opening up to give him better access. Her butt is really good looking and the anal action is certainly enough to keep us all interested. This scene seems shorter, but it ends with a nice facial as she proves she can take what he’s got. Nice little bit of unexpected hotness.

Jayden Jaymes & Mandingo

Busty Jayden Jaymes starts off the final scene by showing off her goodies. She has a nice big ass, but it is her tits that come out first. She plays with her nipples and shows how hard they are just from the thought of Mandingo’s glorious tool. Don’t worry though, Jayden also shows off her big buns before the action begins. We get to see her big parts, but she is more concerned with his big part. Using both hands, Jayden jerks it into her mouth and stares at it with sheer awe as she stuffs it into her mouth. He stands her up and grabs a handful of ass. Bending her over, he barely gets that cock in before she is shaking and quaking in ecstasy. When he flips her over, she rubs her clit furiously as he pounds into her. Great looking mish here as Jayden just leans back and takes all she can. Using all of her assets, Jayden turns around and pumps his prick between her big tits for a while. The reverse cowgirl action that follows is very good as Jayden finishes with a flurry of energy. She takes a nice facial and smiles one more time for us.

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