Young Harlots: Sex Athletics

Young Harlots: Sex Athletics

134 Mins
THEMES: School Girls,
STARS: Meagan Coxxx, Aleska Diamond, Avril Sun, Miscka, Victoria Diamond, Nick Manning, George Uhl


Nick Manning is wreaking havoc overseas at an exclusive girls academy. He’s the new athletic instructor and all the girls love the way he makes them work out. This makes the girls happy, keeps Nick really satisfied, but is creating some trouble with the rest of the faculty. Good thing there are so many hot babes to go around. Nick gets two of the girls himself. Both of them are young, eager and very able to please. Mishka is athletic and cute, especially with a dick in her. Megan Coxxx is his second private work out partner. She is one two women in this movie who really stand out. She easily takes Nick’s modest member and fucks him like he is taking her places she has never been before. The other stand out is Aleska Diamond. This pretty girl is always fun to watch. She takes on three horny faculty members in the best scene of the movie. Don’t miss this babe. I don’t know if these babes will have much success on the field, but behind closed doors they are athletic, flexible and certainly give all-star caliber performances.

Mishka Devlin & Nick Manning

After a work out, Mishka wants to rest, but Nick tries to push her. She finds a quick way to get him to ease up on her. One look at her cute ass and he decides that a spanking is better than another two miles of road work. His little athlete drops to her knees and starts sucking away. I love her eyes as she looks up at him and stretches her mouth to take that hard cock. The camera hangs around on her tiny tits, showing us her nipple piercing as she tries her best to do no-hand oral. Nick likes swatting her on the ass and makes her cheeks a little pink before getting her out of her panties. Flipping her over he flicks his tongue on her clit and fingers her until she is screaming and out of breath. That puts her right in place for some serious fucking. Her skinny legs go way back over her head while Nick growls and plows her pretty young hole. Spinning around she faces the camera and works herself up and down. Mishka seems impressed with the meat her coach is dishing out. He finally drops his load in and around her pussy. Better be careful. A knocked up female jock probably doesn’t have the same speed, lift or lateral movement as her non-preggers opponents.

Avril Sun & George Uhl

Avril is brought in by her coach and criticized for her dress. How can she be an athlete in her jacket and tie? In fact, why where anything at all? He gets her naked and just takes it right to the next level. The slim young cutie drops to the floor and makes him moan with desire as her young lips work up and down his shaft. She is very cute and looks outstanding with that cock throbbing in her pretty mouth. He pulls her on top of him and we get some really hot ass shots. I know that there is another super sexy girl coming up, but Avril will definitely get you going. George enjoys her tight sweet pussy and then feeds her the juices while she lovingly looks up at him. Good energy from this girl as well. She’s working out right there on the couch and will certainly get the audience’s pulse racing. After a good hard fucking in piledriver she opens her pussy and shows him her gape. He bends her over and finishes off with doggy and a big load fired all over her ass crack.

Megan Coxxx & Nick Manning

Megan is the prettiest girl of the movie so far and she pops in to give Coach Manning some fresh strawberries. She also feels that she needs some private training sessions to really get the most out of her workouts. He picks up on her vibe quickly and helps her out of her clothes. When she is down to just her panties and tie, Megan turns her attention to his already-hard cock. Playfully licking it, she prolongs the fun before easily putting it to the back of her mouth and pretending to gag. When she bends over, he starts fucking her and she loudly proclaims it to be “so big.” He goes with it and acts like he’s really giving it to her good. After a few strokes she is begging to taste herself on him, but he wants to stay in that hot pussy. I love the dirty talk she throws out while she’s riding hard in reverse cowgirl. Nick gives it to her hard and the high energy fucking matches her rapid fire talk. His growling gets to be a bit much, but Megan is fucking hot to look at and talks even more than he does. Nick starts screaming and she spins around to take his load on her face. Just hit mute and enjoy the sight of this lovely young thing getting her pretty lips coated in cock cream.

Aleska Diamond, George Uhl & Peter

The rest of the faculty is none too happy about Manning’s activities and call Aleska into the office to discuss it with her. She loves the cock the American is giving her so the guys offer to let her try some three on one therapy. The gorgeous girl starts stroking cock as the guys undress her. With a big smile on her pretty face, she drops to her knees and starts sucking each cock, one after another. Nice tongue action as she works her way around the circle, stroking the two that aren’t in her mouth. When she has stripped down to just her stockings, Aleska bends over and gets fucked while still working two dicks with her hands and mouth. Loud and energetic, she quickly moves to the front of the line as the most strokeable babe in the flick. She rides cock and quickly moves her hips a bit to take one up her ass. Great shots of her legs spread wide open as she rides hard and takes on balls-deep. DP makes her air tight and she seems to thrive on the extra cocks, taking each one as if she loves it. The close up shots are really good and Aleska proves why she is such a popular starlet. The guys fuck every hole she has really hard. Aleska keeps right on sucking like she’s ready to take on a dozen more. The first load ends up on her pussy and she keeps on sucking until the other two guys cover her mouth and tits. This is the highlight scene of the movie and should not be missed.

Nicole Evans & George Uhl

George sends Nicole to the headmaster with a story about Nick’s conduct. In exchange for turning in the horny coach, she will pass all of her exams. A good trade apparently because she also agrees to fuck George. He starts out behind her, reaching around and playing with her shaved pussy for the camera. This sharp-nosed blonde enjoys the way he eats her and then slowly takes out his cock with a look of intense desire in her eyes. After a few short strokes in her mouth, she spreads her long legs and lets him slide inside. When she pulls him out of her and jerks him off, the look on her face is very sexy. That tight young puss is so good that he pulls out and shoots early all over her shaved lips. No worries. He just pops it back in. This scene is good, but Aleska is so much prettier and her scene so much hotter that this feels like a decent looking bit of anti-climax. He ends up fucking her in spoon and shooting that second load all over her well-fucked slit.

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