Size: 8.3 inches by 2.2 inches

Material: Realistic Flesh

This is the first dong I’ve tried from Too Sticky. I’m impressed. The cock has a realistic feel, a handy suction cup, and a very nice girth! It’s obviously molded from a real man with a fattie, because it curves in a way natural cocks do. It also has nice, realistic balls to bounce on. It’s a great cock-substitute when you can’t get the real thing, or if he’s being too difficult.

This dong is thick and fat, which felt very nice in my pussy. It doesn’t need to be any longer, because it really fills a gal up! Unfortunately, it was a bit too filling for my ass. I just can’t take the width.

I would have liked the suction cup base to be a little larger, because it didn’t manage to stay suctioned to the side of the shower. It did, however, stick to the top of my bathtub securely, and I was able to sit right on top of it; at a very nice angle. A girlfriend of mine has one of these dildos, and she likes to stick it to the top of an exercise ball and sit on it. She says it’s the best thing ever! Overall, I think I will use this dildo frequently, when I want just a little more.

Available at TooSticky.com

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