Tanya Tate’s Brit School Brats

Tanya Tate’s Brit School Brats

120 Mins
Filly Films
DIRECTOR: Tanya Tate
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Schoolgirls, Mean Girls, Big Tits, Cougars
STARS: Paige Turnah, Alyssa Divine, Samantha Bentley, Faye Taylor, Jess West, Katie K, Carla Mai, Tanya Tate


Tanya Tate is going back to school. OK, she’s actually taking her niece to school, but either way the super cougar gets a chance to play with some hot schoolgirls. The school is run by some very lovely women who are running a tight ship. Of course, just underneath the perfect surface lies a steaming stream of hot lesbian lust. Tanya fits right in and is happy to turn her niece over to such a hot bunch of pussy eaters. The schoolgirl uniforms are cute and I love the dorm setting. The girls are fun and quite naughty and the sex is well shot. Horny headmistress Paige Turnah opens by disciplining naughty babe Alyssa Divine in the opener. Alyssa is super cute and loves being disciplined. Niece Samantha doesn’t want to be at the school and has to find a way to get kicked out. She throws Faye Taylor down and has her way with the pretty girl. The action is so hot that Auntie Tanya has to jump in there and get some. This hot threesome is one you won’t want to miss. The good girl/bad girl dynamic is on display again when Katie K blackmails Jess into doing everything she asks. This may be my favorite scene because Katie is so cute and so hot. Her mean girl routine really makes it fun. Great scene here. Tanya is back for the finale with Carla. She lends her expert lesbian sex skills to the cause and helps the lonely girl pass the time. If you like lesbian schoolgirl action and older/younger action then this is another winner from Tanya Tate and Filly Films.

Paige Turnah & Alyssa Divine

Alyssa is brought to the Headmistress’ office for disciplinary problems. Paige clears the room and bends the adorable brunette over her big desk. The panty shots are very sexy and Alyssa has to call out the number of times she gets spanked. Spreading the young girl’s cheeks, Paige slowly licks her asshole and drives Alyssa totally crazy. Very hot anal play here as the young girl holds still and takes her lashings like a good girl. With Paige taking control, Alyssa plays the slightly scared, but totally turned on schoolgirl role perfectly. She also looks adorable on her back with her legs in the air while the stern school mistress fingers and licks her tender teenage twat. Having learned how to please a woman, Alyssa returns the favor, sliding fingers into Paige and licking her swollen clit. The mutual finger play is really sexy, but save some stroke fun for the end when Paige kneels on her desk with her big ass in the air and has her sexy little student latterly kiss butt to stay out of trouble. Very hot opening scene.

Samantha Bentley, Faye Taylor & Tanya Tate

Samantha is really upset about being at the school and is intent on doing something really bad to get kicked out. As soon as her Auntie Tanya is out of the way, she shoves little Faye down and kisses her. Sexy Faye wants to resist, but likes it too much and is soon kissing Samantha back and helping get her out of her top. Samantha shoves two fingers into Faye and licks her clit while working that super tight little pussy. Right about the time she sits on Faye’s face, Tanya comes back in. She clearly likes what she sees from the young cuties. With both of them occupied, she slips in and starts licking Faye. After an awkward moment, they just all go with it and have a great time. There are some really hot close up shots of Faye’s snug little slit as Tanya slides her slender finger deep inside the tempting teen. Auntie Tanya brings a lot of experience and some big tits to the party and displays everything well as she spreads herself between them and fingers both girls at once. They return her affections with kisses and probing fingers of their own. Keeping things naughty, Samantha moves her face to Tanya’s pussy and shows what she’s got. This little thing gets her face way in there and has Tanya going off uncontrollably. The naughty girl then becomes the center of attention with Tanya and Faye each taking a tit and sucking like their lives depend on it. I think she’s going to stay after all.

Katie K & Jess West

Cute little Katie K is trying to show Tanya the school when they walk in on Jess West doodling huge cocks on her notepad. She asks Tanya to wait outside and goes from sweet to naughty in a heartbeat. Katie demands that Jess pleasure her immediately. After a little resistance Jess shows that she knows exactly what she is expected to do. Katie spreads her legs and lets the other girl lick greedily at her pretty hole. Nice kissing during the finger fucking as the blonde does her best to show off her hot eye candy body. Not wanting to be totally selfish, Katie bends Jess over and licks her twat from behind. The pretty girls lock into 69 and go to town on each other. Katie may appear to be a good example of a proper student, but she’s just a girl who loves making other chicks eat her snatch. After fingering Jess to a full climax, Katie spreads her legs again and gets the full treatment. Katie is smoking hot and this scene has just enough naughty kink to make it one of the best of the bunch.

Carla Mai & Tanya Tate

Young Carla Mai is passing the time in her room with her fingers in her tight young pussy. Tanya interrupts and things aren’t awkward for very long. After all, fucking young students is right up her alley and Carla seems fond of the touch of an experienced woman. First Tanya helps Carla rub her wet young pussy, focusing on the clit and kissing her as her big tits spill out of her bra. Moving her head down, Tanya is slow and steady with her tongue, making Carla even wetter and really digging in to show us that pretty pink. Whipping out her tits, Tanya enjoys Carla’s mouth on her nipples as she gentle encourages her new young friend. They sit side by side and finger each other for a while. Tanya swings her pussy over Carla and rubs it on her face. The pussy licking at this point is nothing short of exuberant. Tanya slurps loudly and then bounces up and down on Carla’s face, spreading her cheeks and feeling that little tongue poke at her puckered backdoor. The women switch places and Tanya gets so greedy that it looks as if she might be trying to suck it right out of Carla’s pretty little body. The grand finale features Tanya on all fours with Carla tonguing her butt. That’s quite a lesson she’s learning.

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