Rog Blog: July 25th Happy Happy Joy Joy


Rog Blog: July 25th
General Good Feeling, Pirates 2, New Reviews and Stuff
OK, so it’s freaking hot. Hot enough to make me want to crank up the air, but I’ve got the thermostat set at 82 and it’s staying there dammit. At any rate I’m just going to jot down a few of the feel good notes from today before I get back to reviewing Hard Candy 2 from Digital Playground. Why you may ask, am I feeling good?
We finally made it to see P of C 2 this weekend. After the mess last weekend and having to sit through that horrible piece of crap “You, Me & Dupree” almost anything would have been good. I wouldn’t say that I was crazy about Pirates 2. It was about an hour too long, lacked quality sword play scenes and seemed to start in mid-beat. I think that Depp was good again, but his character was poorly written this time. Every line was played for laughs and that sort of takes away the charm. It was still a nice way to spend an afternoon and it’s worth seeing. I just didn’t come out of it with that same “Wow, that was fun” feeling that I had the first time. Next on my list…a trip on Wednesday to see Clerks II and then maybe an early Saturday showing of “Miami Vice.”
No Bob update. (Remember these are reasons why this is a happy blog entry.) I can proudly add that a certain someone out there owes me a 12 pack this weekend. (Still haven’t decided if Rolling Rock or Diet Coke will be my choice.) I was able to nail the most recent response with frightening accuracy to win the bet. I told you I’d been on this merry-go-round before. I would say let’s make the same bet next week, but he is going to want a cut soon.
No quagging in a mini bang movie. I actually made it through Bobby Manila’s 4 on 1 interracial movie Bangin’ White Ho’s 2 without having to bash the whole thing as a quag-fest. It had some issues, but the lame ass fake gagging shit wasn’t one of them. It is probably too early to be so hopefully, but maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel here.
Baseball Standings: As I write this, the Padres, Angels and Red Sox are all in first place. I am sure that it can’t last, but for one day at least all three of my teams are on top. That makes me smile.
Lack of Vivid Alt: I see that Vivid-Alt is about to unleash their first steaming pile of monkey crap on the buying public. Since I’ve been pulled from the Vivid screener list (Gee Rog, I wonder why) I won’t have to sit through that or an of Eon McKai’s other lame efforts to destroy porn. I’ll probably get my hands on it somewhere and see just how bad it gets. I’m still taking bets on how long he lasts a Vivid. The current over/under before Vivid wakes up and realizes that alt is a fad worth nuking is eight months.
Ramones Anthology: I finally got around to adding my Ramones Anthology to my IPod. I’m slowly filling the thing and something was seriously missing without this fantastic collection of some of the best rock & roll ever.
No Big Brother: By simply not watching Sunday night I added a great deal to my life. Mrs. Rog TiVo’d it, but I took the time to work on some interviews. I am finally almost finished with Kami Andrews, Ivan and Rob Black. It will take a long time to get through the nearly four hours of Lex footage, but I’m plugging away on that as well.
That’s about it for a happy Tuesday. Time to go Review Hard Candy 2. More email later in the week and I promise to give the positive stuff as much attention as the stupid hate mail.

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