Tanya Tate’s Tea & Muffin Party

Tanya Tate’s Tea & Muffin Party

125 Mins
Filly Films
DIRECTOR: Tanya Tate
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Older Woman with Younger Girls
STARS: Tanya Tate, Samantha Bentley, Adrianna Luna, Elania Raye, Devon Lee, Presley Hart, Celeste Star, Jessi Palmer


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Tanya Tate is doing double duty on this movie. She’s the star and the director in a hot little lesbian love-fest that is centered loosely around a going away tea party for her nice Samantha Bentley. Leaving makes Samantha sad so she gets some tender loving care from Adrianna Luna. Tough to beat the eye candy in that scene. Don’t miss it. Tanya gets some young loving from blonde Elania Raye. I love the energy in this scene. Devon Lee and Presley Hart hook up in another older/younger veggie scene that really works. Presley is really cute. The big finale is all packed with hot girl on girl action. Tanya and Celeste Star really have fun with sexy little Jessi Palmer. This may be my favorite of a good collection. The sex is very good and the cast is easy on the eyes. Give some bonus points if you like a little age gap in your veggie sex. Nice energy and a whole lot of fun leg shots from all the girls. Watch for Tanya, Adrianna and cute little Presley. Even if you don’t like tea, you will enjoy this party.

Samantha Bentley & Adrianna Luna

Tanya is throwing a tea party with her friends for her niece Samantha. Sadly, the young girl is not happy about going home and is moping in her room. Adrianna tries to help, but all Samantha wants is some lesbian love. It doesn’t take very long to convince Adrianna to hook her up. Samantha puts Adrianna on her back and lovingly licks and sucks her nipples until they stand straight up and beg for more attention. The kissing and the finger play is fantastic here as Samantha gently explores Adrianna’s perfect body. She seems to have a very wet mouth as she literally drools all over the pretty girl’s open pussy. Almost right away, Adrianna flips it and eats Samantha in a way that makes us understand better why she doesn’t want to go home. Who would want to give that up? The girls lock legs for some hot scissor-sex (Tribbing) that allows Adrianna to show off her perfection and really seems to get Samantha going. This is a great scene for the eye candy and for the kissing. It also scored big bonus points for featuring two really lovely sets of natural breasts.

Tanya Tate & Elania Raye

The first guest arrives and Tanya makes her feel right at home. Elania is a young blonde who is happy to let the more experienced woman take the first steps. Tanya kisses her and gently sucks her nipples. I love the way she enjoys undressing Elania and kissing her tiny ass as she stares in awe of the smooth flesh. The ass licking footage is really good here. Tanya knows how to make a young cutie feel right at home. Turning Elania over, Tanya gently uses her fingers to increase the stimulation and has the young blonde ready to do anything she asks. In return, Elania slowly takes of Tanya’s panties and enjoys her sweet curves while massaging her clit. As they straddle one another, the contrast really comes through. Tanya is not a big girl, but Elania is so tiny that she is dwarfed by her mature partner. Having learned her lesson well, Elania gets down and seriously licks Tanya’s shaved pussy until she gets a mouth full of hot juices.

Devon Lee &Presley Hart

Now it’s Tanya’s turn to be upset. She’s a little homesick and still sad that her niece is feeling so blue. In the middle of the conversation Devon takes off with Presley. The busty blonde wants to play and with only a bit of resistance, Presley gives in. Devon whips out her huge hooters and puts the cute little I really like the way Presley looks naked and Devon seems to enjoy the way she tastes. They slide easily into 69 where Presley wiggles her cute little ass on the older woman’s face. They swap spots to give us some really good big ass angles on Devon. Once again the contrast is nice. Presley is a cute young thing and Devon has the mature curves to keep her in line. I really love watching them sit together rubbing their pussies after a vigorous round of licking. Presley has learned well and knows just how to keep her blonde girlfriend very happy, especially when it is time to suck on those huge tits.

Celeste Star, Jessi Palmer & Tanya Tate

Celeste Star has shown up with a pretty maid to serve them. Jessi Palmer is a submissive and slightly clueless helper, but that just gives Celeste a chance to order her around a bit. Tanya enjoys the pretty redhead and takes both girls inside for some post-dessert licking. Jessi gets in the middle and lets Tanya and Celeste undress her and shower her pale flesh with loving kisses. They take their time and tease her beautifully even as we get to enjoy the sight of her tender, increasingly around flesh. With Celeste behind Jessi holding her legs open Tanya is free to lick her ass, pussy, clit and anything else that looks appetizing. When Celeste can stand it no more, she mounts up and rides Jessi’s face, taking full advantage of the young thing’s tongue. Tanya helps out, proving that she’s not above licking a little ass herself. Celeste and Tanya hook up for some white hot 69 that leave them both breathless. They finish up with Celeste and Jessi riding Tanya’s thighs to a wet, loud climax.

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