Rog Blog: July 18


Rog Blog: July 18th
Presidential “Shit”
By now everyone has heard the open mike incident between President Bush and PM Blair at the G8. I’ve seen a few of the usual hit sites attacking the President for using the word “shit” in a private conversation. How desperate are some people. First that anyone would make this a news story and then that someone would try and bash someone for using this word. Hey poli-cheers, big FUCKING deal. Didn’t these same hit sites defend Keith Oberman’s recent ‘profanity’ ridden business correspondences? Let’s try for a little consistency shall we? Sorry guys, I forgot who I was talking about for a bit.
At any rate let’s address the statement. If you were under a rock here is what Bush said to Blair. “What they need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit.” Not exactly proper discourse, but hardly the sort of thing that should make anyone blush. Frankly I think that this statement may be the be single best piece of foreign policy to come from this White House in a very long time. Hold on, stop snickering. Think about it. Bush hit the nail on the head. The Syrians do need to lean on Hezbollah and get them to stop the kidnapping, homicide bombings and other overt acts of war. Am I alone in categorizing kidnapping, murder and trying to stir up tensions that could lead to a nuclear standoff as “shit.” If you ask me Bush might have under-stated it a bit. I’d say committing acts of terrorism that might take us into World War III might even warrant the title “fucking shit.” What’s an additional adjective when you’re talking global conflict?
Ethos FR Update
As some of you may remember, I tried a new product on my car called Ethos FR. Check it out at this website. I had said that I would post the results from my first tank. It took a while to empty the tank since I really don’t drive my car that much during the week. (The joys of working from home.) Under normal driving conditions I get between 16 and 18 MPG. With the Ethos FR I got 23.99 so let’s say 24. So we’re looking at a 33% increase in mileage with just one tank. It is supposed to get better with a few tanks on older cars (Mine is a 1998) so I’ll keep you updated on the progress. If you want to read more about it or have any questions go to this website. The guy is a good friend of mine and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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