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Rog Blog: July 16th
I actually managed to get away from the house long enough to catch a movie this weekend. It wasn’t an easy choice picking just one. We were torn between Pirates of the Caribbean II and Superman Returns and as well as a few others. No folks, “An Inconvenient Truth” was not a finalist any more than “Little Man” was. (Considering equal creativity was used when writing both.) Seriously though, any movie that uses the opening line “From the Makers of White Chicks” in the trailer is bound to be a steaming pile of crap. That line alone should send people running from theaters by the millions. I think we all need to write Congress and request that that Wayans family be permanently deported and assigned to something completely non-film related. Has any group of people ever gotten more play off less talent? Enough about that though, let’s get to the movie we did see.
So we ended up buying tickets for Pirates 2 and in a theater where two seats next to one another. People being as caring as they are one might expect that someone would see the group of people at the bottom of the stairs and move over to fill in the empty seats. Yeah RIGHT! No one moved and the brain trust at the theater didn’t come in ask people to make room. (When did they stop doing that?) Since I wasn’t willing to sit around for two hours several rows apart from Mrs. Rog we exchanged our tickets for another movie playing at the same time. While we didn’t see the Gore or Wayans’ movie, we ended up in front of the next worst thing “You, Me & Dupree.” Please read this carefully DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. IT SUCKS…..DO YOU HEAR? SUCKS…It probably sucks as bad as Little Man does. I actually did my best to sleep through the whole thing, but even half asleep I could tell that the movie was as worthless as a bowl of monkey shit. Owen Wilson really needs to hang it up. Dude, your act is tired and I think that maybe NASA should send you up with the Wayans Brothers in a shuttle to give North Korea something to shoot at.
Needless to say it was a day at the movies I would rather forget. If America has any taste, this movie will be out of the theaters by the time you read this and some of you will be spared the excruciating two hours it takes to watch film stock get totally wasted. Did I happen to mention this stupid piece of crap sucks ass?
AVN is throwing a big sex toy convention in LA this week. Is it just me or does there seem to be a new industry gathering every month these days? Having never been to a toy show myself, I’m thinking about hitting someone up for a pass to the event. It’s too bad I didn’t plan ahead better, because the new toy reviewers for the site would probably have a blast. It would also be nice if the toy companies would send some product to keep these lovely ladies busy. (Hello, Doc Johnson? Hello Pipedream?) I wouldn’t mind trying out some of the new stuff. I hear there is a Cindy Crawford line and I would like to volunteer to test out the toy and then try the real thing for comparison. What do you say Cindy?
I have been watching my NYPD Blue: Season 3 Box Set and just got to the Vanessa Del Rio episode. Somehow I missed that the first time around and in re-runs. She’s still looking pretty good and the whole story line around her was pretty amusing.
I’m pretty much already through with “Big Brother All-Stars.” That blockhead Jase passed up the chance to break up the evil foursome in week one and not it looks like those assclowns will be the center of the show for weeks. What the fuck do I want to watch that for? Janelle is an absolutely worthless human being and can’t stand her. I would use the term “diseased whore” but I would hate to cast prostitutes with the clap in such a bad light. James is a self-deluded prick who somehow thinks that his lies are truth. Howie may be the dumbest human being I have ever seen. (And think about some of the people I meet on a daily basis. In fact think about that when I talk about Janelle being a disgrace to whores.) He is just way too pleased with himself to realize that he’s the brainpower of a flea and the charisma of a garden slug. Kayser is even worse and with him in charge this week I think I will just bow out. Any guy who confronts a woman by standing up, puffing out his chest and trying to intimidate her is a fucking coward and a big ole pussy. So until someone kicks these four scum sucking ass monkeys out of the house I think I’ll catch up on my reading or watch a less objectionable collection of people. (Too bad there isn’t one, even in porn.)
Wow this is a bitter blog. Between Owen Wilson’s inexplicable popularity, the rudeness of people in theaters and the vile foursome of human garbage on CBS….I need a break. How about some good old Chico Wang porn.

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