Happy Valentine’s Day- Random Notes


Time to clean out the notebook once again…..
– I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you out there with and without a sweetheart. I hope you all do something special for the one you love. (Even if that just means some extra hand cream.) And to my Valentine…I wuv U. Hope you like the flowers.
– A special gift from cute little Lainey X http://www.laineyx.com/html/Valentines/valentines.html
– There are a couple of new interviews coming this weekend. Alexis Amore and Aurora Snow will be the first from Vegas to go up. Jacklyn Lick and Britney Foster are next. In all, I did 30 interviews in Vegas and right after so there will be plenty to read coming up.
– Shit like this always makes me laugh. http://www.www.funnysend.com/brit.html

– Speaking of Alexis, she did end up signing with Jill Kelly as had been reported. I haven’t seen an official press release, but she added it to our interview.
– Reader Email: “Jasper writes: Hey Rog, what happened to sex you were supposed to get from the girls who won the polls? Did Britni and Taylor Rain come through?”

Rog Replies: That’s an interesting question. The deal was supposed to work like this. The winner of the fan polls for Best Female and Best Newbie are supposed to owe me sex and the runners up (the final 4 or the top 2 depending on the year) are supposed to come through with a blowjob. Past winners of the Best Female include Serenity (Twice), Linda Thoren and Jenna Jameson. This year it was Bisexual Britni and she followed Jeanna’s lead by not coming through. Runners up in the past including Alana Evans have been equally unwilling to put out. This year’s number two, Jenna Haze joins the list of no-blow girls. Best Newbie Taylor didn’t even know she had won an award and had no clue that this site even exists so she is another no-go. In fact, almost all past winners still owe, but I don’t think any of them are going to pay up.
– A Number of you have asked about this Rog Directs project. Since I’ll be out of a day job soon, I guess I could give it a shot. So far no one has been making my phone blow up. No calls from Anabolic, Elegant, Extreme or Red Light just yet. One great idea from a reader though…

BM Writes: “As for your directing, my suggestion would be some sort of Porn Star Idol. You, Jim holliday, and Jenna Jameson can be the Randy, Simon, and Paula and hopeful starlets can come in and audition with big name talent such as Rocco and Erik Everhard. After their performance you three have your say and the best move to the next round. The winner at the end can sign a big contract with Wicked or Vivid. I think that kind of movie/documentary would be just what this business needs. ”

Rog Replies: Great idea. Thomas Zupko and I actually had that idea mixed into our project. I was going to sit on a pannel with Gene Ross and someone else (Veronica Caine probably) and judge the newcomers. The winner would get to star in the movie that I wrote and Zupko was going to direct. It even had a music video written into it. Now that Zupko is gone, the project is just sitting there waiting to be made…..takers? Anyone?
That’s it for now. Enjoy everyone!

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