Gangland 82

Gangland 82
148 Mins
Devils Film
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Anal Sex, DP, Redheads
STARS: Tara Lynn Fox, Whitney Grace, Ariel Stonem,


What happens when a young white girl takes a wrong turn into a questionable neighborhood? In the porn world, they run into three black men who fuck them silly. It’s very friendly aside from the gentle insistence and some good hard sex. Three scenes of this which means three white girls plugged in every hole. All three scenes are very similar. The guys used are big, black and never shut up. It’s that way on purpose of course, but there are times when it gets annoying. Mostly though, the action is great. Each scene is really long so there is plenty of time to enjoy watching the girls get plowed. Whitney Grace leads things off. Her set up is kind of lame. She’s not much of an actress and the guys’ constant chatter just kills it. Ariel Stonem is a very sexy redhead who brings a lot of the heat to her scene. She gets plowed stupid by all that black cock. Her scene is well worth watching. It isn’t the best however. That honor goes to Tara Lynn Fox. She looks really cute in braids and plays innocent really well. Despite her girl next door act, she handles big dicks perfectly. Three of them pound away on her holes until she may just have to stay in the hood for more of this kind of fun. This is a great addition to the series thanks to hard, hot action one pale redhead and the always sexy as fuck, Tara Lynn Fox.

Whitney Grace

Blonde Whitney Grace who is apparently out looking for a yard sale to shop for her dad. It’s hard to hear what she is saying because the guys jump around her, flex and all talk over one another. They take her inside and she just keeps asking “are you in a gang?” All off a sudden their cocks out and she starts sucking. She is actually pretty good at taking three big dicks at once and tries to add a little sexy talk when she isn’t choking on black meat. They bend her over and start fucking her while she keeps talking about what her dad wants for his birthday. Whitney is soft around the middle so her tummy bounces as she rides with great enthusiasm. They work a dick up her ass and the anal action is pretty good. Whitney tries to add more than just her penetrated body to the action, but it’s pretty limited. There is some DP and some good hard fucking, but it’s a little too silly for its own good and eye candy appeal is limited. They finish her off with big loads of cum all over her face. I guess this little white trash babe got more hood than she bargained for.

Ariel Stonem

Pretty redhead Ariel Stonem is alone and walking through a bad part of town. She breaks up with her boyfriend on the phone and is a little hesitant when three black guys offer to help her out. They drive her home and admire the nice things she has around the place. She is shy, but doesn’t really put up much of a fight when they take her perky tits out. Ariel drops to her knees and stretches her lips to take the big cocks. Working just the heads, she sucks all three of them eagerly. When they bend her over, she starts moaning loudly and is a bit overmatched at first. The doggy shows off her pale thighs as she pushes back and cums loudly. That makes everyone happy and they just start fucking her harder. Wesley gets under her and slips it up her ass. Great shots of the slutty young redhead spread wide and sliding up and down on that dark pole. She takes to it so well that two of them work her holes, one in the ass, one in the pussy and Ariel seems more energetic than ever. The anal action is really well shot and she is taking it nice and deep. The action goes on for a long time with the guys banging her one on one. On the plus side, she’s a cute, pale little redhead with a great pussy who is boisterous and energetic with each and every guy. On the down side, well here there really is none. The guys leave loads on her face and one up her tight little asshole. This pretty girl is forever changed.

Tara Lynn Fox

Pretty blonde Tara Lynn Fox wanders down the alley and finds three brothers enjoying their day. She goes inside and shyly talks about getting waxed “down there.” The guys check her out and find a nice triangular patch above a tight pink pussy. I like the way she plays innocent even as she drops down and pretends she has never seen black cock before. Of course we know that Tara Lynn is a great performer who handles size just fine. They help her up and she slides down in reverse cowgirl, telling them that she doesn’t think it will fit, but then making sure that it does. She bends over and fills her mouth with dick while showing off her sweet pink hole. When she gets into reverse cowgirl, Tara works her hips and takes it like she is already in love. Since she loves it in the pussy so much it is only natural that they give her ass a try. Tara loves the way they stretch her butt and really shows off her sexy body. Check out how great she looks on all fours with a big dick working her ass and her pretty face bobbing up and down on another pole. Damn girl. The group action is fantastic and one on one, she still fucks harder than any girl in the movie. This is a lot like the last scene with plenty of action and lots of energy to carry it through. With great confidence, Tara holds her mouth open for the first shot, swallowing it and turning around to take the second right after. A third load finishes her off and Tara licks her fingers clean. Great end to a very hot flick.

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