Torn (New Sensations)

110 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Eddie Powell & Jacky St. James
THEMES: Romance, Cheating, Threesomes
STARS: Raylene, Samantha Ryan, Remy La Croix, India Summer, Steven St. Croix, Tom Byron, Chad Alva


Though this is part of Romance series from New Sensations, I need to state right up front that this is more than just a couples-friendly flick. This is one of the best original XXX features of the year. The script is tight, engaging, emotionally deep and actually made me care about the characters. I can’t stress enough just how good that aspect of the movie is. Equally impressive are the performances from the leads. Steven St. Croix is really outstanding as a troubled husband caught between commitment and passion. This is one of his best acting performances in years. India Summer plays his frustrated wife. Her performance is more muted, but just as good. Remy La Croix plays the young lover and delivers some of the most heartbreaking scenes in XXX this year. As part of the Romance Series, one would expect the sex scenes to be a little softer and couples-friendly. That is true of the action in this movie. They are well shot and nicely lit. Even the shadowy scenes look pretty fucking great. There is plenty of kissing, touching and nothing too crazy. No anal or big facial shots to distract from the story and emotion. That is what makes the sex here so good. Each scene is paced to fit the emotion of the story and relationships between the characters. Because of this reason, I liked the sex scenes despite my preference for gonzo boning. Of course the cast helps that a lot. India Summer is one of my favorite women in the business. Her scene is very good. Raylene adds a little bit of kinky fun with a threesome. Remy La Croix gives us the other two scenes of the movie. They are both very sexy and really show the sort of range a good sex scene can have. From sad desperation with Chad Alva to pure love and desire with Steven St. Croix, Remy covers all the bases. That covers it folks. Torn is a great XXX romance, a really well told story and definitely one of the best features of 2012.

Samantha Ryan & Tom Byron and Raylene

India tells her husband that his friends’ perfect marriage isn’t so perfect. At their party she was hiding in the shower when Tom Byron dragged Samantha Ryan (Not his wife) in there for a quickie. He has her bent over when his wife (Raylene) comes in and is more than happy to join the fun. The women share the cock, passing it back and forth while sharing a kiss. Raylene pushes the other woman back onto her husband’s cock and helps him fuck her. Raylene is equally anxious to bend over and get fucked while she eats their new friend. Great looking side by side action as the women take turns getting fucked. Raylene falls to the floor and holds her tits together or the pop while Tom kisses Samantha. See, no cheating. Just a good hot three-way to keep things lively.

India Summer & Steven St. Croix

Full of guilt over a romantic kiss, Steven struggles to re-connect with his wife. India resists at first because she has a run the next day, but his gentle persuasions win the day. She returns his oral favors with some slow ball sucking. India is so gorgeous that even as she tries to be somewhat restrained, she is so stunningly beautiful that the scene works. She rides him well and then flips over so he can finish up on her tummy. Very romantic scene and they even seem to connect just a little bit.

Remy La Croix & Chad Alva

After ending the relationship with Steven, Remy is emotionally destroyed. Her best friend/roommate tries to help her forget. He has been waiting for this moment and is going to show her how much he really loves her. They exchange oral and she begs him to fuck her. This is a bit of a shadowy scene, but there is such emotional desperation on both their parts that it’s hard to miss the spark. There are some really sex shots of her legs wrapped around his body as they fuck on the counter. He is giving it to her as hard as she can and Remy seems to be fucking back just to make the pain go away.

Remy La Croix & Steven St. Croix

Finally free to be together, they give it one more chance. This time Remy doesn’t attack the cock with anger in her eyes, she sucks it lovingly and seems to need it more and more with every stroke. He pulls her into his lap and holds her tightly as she bounces up and down on his cock. They kiss a lot, touch more and make love like they really are healing all wounds. He pulls out and shoots on her chest which seems a little odd for the intimate moment, but still works.

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