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Rog Blog: June 29th

Reader Mailbag…

It is time once again to dip into the mailbag and see what you fine people have to say about what has been written on this site in the last week or so. There are quite a few so let’s get to it. Remember you can send your questions, comments, quips or criticisms to me at I’ll get to them as quickly as I can.
TommB Writes:

Hey Rog. Did you see who won FAME Awards? What a fucking farce. What do you think of them?

Rog Replies: Well I don’t think I feel as strongly as you do about the overall results. This was a fan poll after all. It’s a popularity contest and one should not confuse “Favorite” with “Best.” As I posted on in their thread…my FAVORITE baseball player will always be Tony Gwynn. I won’t make the case that he is even in the top ten of all time though. Fave isn’t best. That goes for porn as well as anything.
I voted in the FAME Awards and my picks were much different than the actual winners. I got two “right” on the final tally. Are we really all that shocked? Jenna Jameson is still JENNA JAMESON. Come on now. OK, Ron Jeremy was a bit of a shock, but again it’s a popularity contest. I read a lot of hate on Jenna Haze as “Favorite Butt” and frankly I like a bit more meat on the booty myself, but hey, Jenna has a nice little backside.

The bottom line is that the fans spoke. If someone doesn’t like it, they should show up next year, vote like mad and hit the internet to drum up support for the girls they think deserve to win. My hat is off to the FAME Awards. Hopefully they will continue to be strong.

And don’t forget…the Rog Reviews Fan Faves awards will be coming up. When the time comes, register and then vote.
NOTE: Usually I print these letters as-is, but I took the liberty to cut a bit of the following email. While I appreciate the sentiment, I feel the author took some unnecessary shots at someone I consider a friend. (Unnecessary and off base I might add.) I hope you understand Daniel.

DanielT writes:

Dear Roger,
We have spoken many times in the past though it has been a long time since I have taken the time to email you. I hope you are well and that your family is in good health and high spirits. I read your recent entry on the story about the terror cell. Following the link I did not expect to find such a disgusting piece of trash. (Portion snipped here because Tod didn’t WRITE the piece. He just linked to it and apparently finds some merit in it. That is still no reason for me to allow this kind of language directed at the person who didn’t write it. I agree with you that the actual writer may be all of these things and a little more, bur remember. I don’t like name-calling as political debate.) I wonder where these people find the time to bury their heads so far up their asses. At least you had the common sense to point out that no matter the FBI or Homeland Security did about this terror cell, these spineless, dickless morons would write a piece criticizing it.

Forgive me if I use strong language Roger, but as you may remember I have good reason to find this line of thinking offensive. I lost my daughter and grand-son on April 19th of 1995 when some domestic terrorists who slipped past the radar blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. If someone had been able to locate a group of people who were “no credible threat” in the winter of 1994/95 perhaps something could have been done to save the lives lost on that day. Perhaps idiots like SNIP(Come on, HE didn’t write it, slam the author please) don’t know what it feels like to lose someone because the Government wasn’t able to do enough. Perhaps they really think that it is more important to rip on a politician than to save lives. Then again maybe they won’t be happy until a few hundred more families are destroyed. Then they can cry and bitch because Bush didn’t do enough. I guess that would make all of their best wet dreams come true. I just hope that more families don’t have to go through what mine has to make Tod and his friends happy.

Rog Replies: Daniel, I do remember our conversations. As I recall you wrote to me shortly after I reviewed the Tim McVeigh book on the bombings. As always I am sorry for your loss and understand your rage. I also know from our conversations that you don’t share the same political hatred that Tod and the writer of this article do. I wish you had gone down that road instead of getting quite so upset here. I have edited much of your email because I know you are venting at the author of the piece. Remember, Tod just links people to these sites. It’s pretty clear he sees a point in what the writer says and disagrees with my contention that no matter what this administration had done with this group of terrorists it would have been wrong. Arrest them now and they are no credible threat. Wait until they have enough fertilizer to blow up a building and it’s “why didn’t you stop them from getting it” and God forbid they actually kill people and it is (Between wet dreams as you point out) “See, we told you so.” I happen to find that kind of reasoning to be as narrow minded as it is ignorant. (Two things, for the record that the author may be, but Tod is NOT.) There is no real thinking here. It’s PR and spin. I went to college to study Communications and along with the production end that I focused on, we had to do a whole lot of work in the PR/Advertising end. I know how to sniff it out and that is what this is.
But come on. Tod didn’t write this and I doubt very much if he would be happy to see people die. He is a family man himself and though I know he would never admit it, I would imagine he actually thinks that taking people out before they actually go through with their threats to kill innocent people is a good thing…or at least would be if his guy were in charge. He’s a poli-cheer who will NEVER see anything good until his guy is in office, but he is not a monster. I cannot however say the same about the fucking hack prick who actually wrote the piece.
A final thought on this. I invite people to read the piece and notice what is missing. Any thought as to what SHOULD have been done instead of arresting these people. It’s called critical thought people and if you don’t try it, then the fucknut poli-cheers on both sides can get you to swallow the bullshit they are feeding you. (And that they are feeding sites like Tod’s with their “Headline” spreaders.)Nice.) Whew, let’s get back to porn shall we? By the way…..should “dickless” be hyphenated? Kim? Anyone?

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